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Boy stops up his ears with fingers avoiding loud sound of traffic in the car

Volkswagen Engine Rattle Not Just a Noise But a Serious Problem

There is an issue plaguing Volkswagen 2.0 engines (with and without turbo) from years 2008-2013 which can happen at any mileage and at any time. The sound is a rattle that is heard just after the engine is started. The technical background on this issue is that the timing chain tension has lost its ability to keep the tension and the slack causes the rattle in the engine. Thus, the timing chain may jump, causing the engine not to start.

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Overheating Engine

Audi and VW Radiators Overheating

The radiator is a critical part of any water-cooled engine. It serves as the heat exchanger between the engine and the environment. It works by cooling the water that has been heated while circulating in the engine’s water jacket. The

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The popular Volkswagen

New Volkswagen to Debut in Early March

Volkswagen! From unfortunate origins as a Third Reich innovation to hippy wagon in a matter of a generation, these flower-wagons are nothing if not iconic. Few brands are as quirky and indelible. And now there’s a new bug coming in

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