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Why My Volkswagen Shakes And Vibrates At High Speeds?

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Automobile Vibration -Desert OasisVolkswagen, the German automotive manufacturer brand of status. So popular among many car owners, there is a need for professional mechanics that can cater to various types of problems Volkswagen may experience. From the Jetta to the Beetle Convertible, it is of vital importance that you seek an experienced and professional European auto mechanic such as those at Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair.

Among the many common auto issues drivers struggle with, feeling vibrations when driving at high speeds is a universal problem that most VW owners will encounter at some point. This could be caused by a number of reasons which is why it’s highly recommended to get a diagnostic test with a professional mechanic. Despite the list of possible causes to the vibrating, there are a few common reasons which your automobile mechanic may likely find as the cause.

You notice when driving at 65 mph you go to brake, your steering wheel starts to vibrate while also feeling the vibrations in the brake pedal as well. This can be due to the brake rotors being out of round and/or worn down. This will eventually affect the quality of the brake pads. Both of these combined will severally effect the smooth ride you expect from your Volkswagen. Always make sure the brake pads and rotors are thoroughly check during any of your scheduled maintenance service visits.

A common, yet simple reason could be due to worn or unbalanced tires. This will cause vibrations through the vehicle and steering system which you’ll likely feel around 50 mph and will eventually get worse as your speed increases. This can be avoided by regularly checking your tire pressure or by purchasing quality tires and making sure you keep up on your tire balance and rotations according to your Volkswagen’s maintenance schedule.

Another likely possibility for the vibration could be that the brake caliper is stuck and / or not properly functioning. The brake caliper is responsible for making the wheels slow down, this is done by creating friction with the rotors. The brake caliper fits over the rotors and sometimes the caliper will not release its grips on the rotors which in turn makes the brakes drag causing the shaking when driving faster than 50 mph.

Although it could be something as simple as lug bolts being unbalanced or a tire with a bent wheel or an internal belt that may be broken, the reasons can be many and are unique to your Volkswagen. Whatever the issue, a professional mechanic at Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair can diagnose and perform maintenance on your Volkswagen to get it functioning in top-notch quality like it was made to do.