Temp Gauge Hot

Tick, Tick and My Car Won’t Start. Temperature Gauge is in the Red. What is Going On?

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It never fails… the heat brings out the worst in the European car in Las Vegas. We see it every year. The top two things we run into during the rising temperatures are dead batteries and overheating cars. Tell me the temperatures are going up to 100 degrees and I am going to double up on our batteries and coolant supplies. The makes we service: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen, all have one thing in common when it comes to their batteries… heat kills! Before a battery goes dead in one of these vehicles, you may experience a low-voltage light or the vehicle may take a bit longer to start up in the morning. You may consult your auto care center to see where the voltage is on your battery and if it is holding a charge. Services to replace the batteries are becoming more complicated. …

Repair Costs

Scrimping on Car Maintenance Today May Cost You More Tomorrow

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Whether you seek an independent repair shop or a dealership, you will be spending money on your vehicle services or repairs. The amounts are completely up to you.

Just to help car owners, I will define these two terms. Service is the maintenance of (by mileage or time) a vehicle to keep it running at manufacture’s specs. Repair is required when parts fail, break, or wear-out. Parts do wear-out often. It will happen eventually. But service is required to help minimize the repairs and their costs.

sad woman in her car with no air conditioning

Why is My BMW’s A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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100+ degree weather is hitting the Las Vegas valley again. The luxury of our car’s air-conditioning will be working overtime. A/C is an amazing component of our European vehicle. When the blower is cranking out the cool air we are on easy street and haven’t a care in the world. But flip on the thermostat fan to get hit with hot dry air that refuses to cool down, man, this can really ruin your day!

Automatic transmission gear shift

Transmission Issues: Hard Shifting, Gear Ratio Faults, and NO Reverse

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My Audi is revving up before it slams into second gear. My BMW is hard shifting into third gear. Wow! My Range Rover says, “restricted performance visit workshop”. My Jaguar will not drive over 35 mph. Someone said this is “Limp Mode”? My Volkswagen is stuck in park? My Land Rover won’t go in reverse. What should I do?

These are all good indicators that these vehicles may need a transmission repair. All is not lost if this is the case. In many instances, it may be the valve body that malfunctions before the transmission goes bad. The valve body controls the shifting point in the transmission. In these scenarios, you should seek a professional technician in your make and model to get a correct diagnostic report with pricing. In some cases, it can simply be a computer update. This which would be the best scenario.

Service Engine Soon

Direct Injection and Carbon Build-Up – Why It Happens and What You Should Do To Prevent It

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The check engine light covers many systems and components in your European vehicle. One reason for this combination of issues happening is due to the direct injection engine. These engines are the most efficient at low mileage. As the miles are put on the vehicle, fuel directly injected into the cylinder causes a carbon build-up. The direct injection does not allow for the fuel and its detergent additives to clean the valve and the port. The carbon build-up is the reason for the misfire (rough running engine). This signals the check or service engine light to come on, letting the driver know there is an issue with their engine’s performance. This is a typical problem which plagues these engines when the mileage hits 30-60,000.

Boy stops up his ears with fingers avoiding loud sound of traffic in the car

Volkswagen Engine Rattle Not Just a Noise But a Serious Problem

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There is an issue plaguing Volkswagen 2.0 engines (with and without turbo) from years 2008-2013 which can happen at any mileage and at any time. The sound is a rattle that is heard just after the engine is started. The technical background on this issue is that the timing chain tension has lost its ability to keep the tension and the slack causes the rattle in the engine. Thus, the timing chain may jump, causing the engine not to start.