How to determine if your Volkswagen vehicle brake rotors need to be replaced?

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Car Brakes ServiceWhen on the road, there’s not much more frightening than the idea of pressing down on the brake pedal – and getting no response! Therefore it’s of utmost importance to keep the brakes on your Volkswagen working properly and in good condition. Desert Oasis European Auto Repair and Service mechanics are experts in under-the-hood work.

There are a few different ways to check whether it’s time to bring your vehicle in to have your brake and rotors checked…

The clearest indicator that it’s time to have your brake rotors inspected is the brake warning light on your dashboard. Not something you want to ignore! When this indicator comes on, it means that sensors within the brake pads are showing wear on the rotors. If you drive cautiously and brake gradually, you may have up to 3,000 miles left on the pads and rotors. However, even cautious drivers sometimes need to brake suddenly, so they may wear through sooner. It’s important not to delay a brake inspection.

Most Volkswagen vehicles use sensors, but there are other effective ways to check on your rotors. A visual inspection of the brake rotors can also be useful. If there are grooves or other obvious defects in the surface or any side of the rotors, they need to be replaced. Discoloration of the rotors is also serious and means the rotors may have been overheating. If you see any of these problems when looking at your brake rotors, you should bring your vehicle in for an inspection sooner rather than later.

Certain sounds may also indicate problems with your braking system. Any sort of unusual noise or squeaking from your brakes is a bad sign, and if the noise is rhythmic or pulsing, it could be a rotor problem. In extreme cases, you may even feel the brake pedal vibrate or pulse under your foot.

Ignoring brake rotor problems is never a good idea. Continuing to drive on rotors that need to be replaced may lead to them warping or breaking; which can damage other parts of your wheel assembly. More importantly, you might find your brakes unresponsive when you need to stop.

If you suspect you have brake problems or even just want the brakes in your Volkswagen inspected, bring it to the experts at Desert Oasis European Auto Repair and Service in Las Vegas. Our knowledgeable mechanics focus exclusively on European and luxury vehicles, so there’s no better hands to put your car in than ours.