Why You Should Choose Synthetic Oil

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Synthetic OilEvery vehicle needs oil, and you have a choice when it comes to what type of oil you put in your vehicle. You can go with your basic standard oil, a synthetic or a full synthetic oil. While the choice is entirely up to you, you should be aware that most automotive professionals strongly recommend some type of synthetic oil for a variety of reasons.

Why You Should Choose Synthetic Oil

One of the benefits of synthetic oil, to start with, is that it has more lubricating power than traditional oil; you can notice this fact just by looking at or touching synthetic oil. You will notice right away that it’s a lot more slippery than regular oil, and that’s because synthetic oil is packed with moisture and special ingredients that combine to create a protective film of fluid that guards against dangerous metal to metal contact.

Regular oil has this quality too but not nearly as strong as the film of synthetic oil, which remains stable even when your engine is running at its hottest and you’re pushing your vehicle to the limit. Because of the strength and durability of synthetic oil, you will find that scuffing, fatigue of the rolling contact, pitting and other common problems become things of the past when you switch from regular to synthetic oil. This is especially evident with older, European and high mileage vehicles.

Less Maintenance than Regular Oil

Another great thing about synthetic oil is that it’s incredibly long-lasting, and you won’t have to change it nearly as often as you would traditional oil. This fact alone will save you money, time and hassle, but don’t worry. Unlike regular oil, which can reduce vehicle performance if not changed at very frequent intervals, synthetic oil will keep on performing for you until the very end!

Even though synthetic oil is a lot stronger than regular oil, synthetic oil is also a lot thinner, and that’s not a bad thing. Though thin oil may not look very impressive at first glance, the thinness of the oil is actually a very good thing. When oil is heated, it gets thicker, and too-thick oil can clog up your engine and lead to other problems. If you start with oil that’s thinner from the start, then it’s also going to be thinner when heated, and this fact leads to an engine that runs as smoothly and as perfectly as possible.

Decreased Cost

Synthetic oil is also superior in its interaction with your vehicle. You are practically guaranteed, for example, to see less wear and tear on your engine when you use synthetic oil. You should also get better gas mileage, allowing your gas (and your money!) to go further. As mentioned, you also won’t have to change the oil as often, leading to increased savings. Lastly, you’re less likely to have a problem starting up your vehicle relating to engine, oil problems regardless of what the weather is outside.

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