Why Is My Car Overheating?

overheated engineIt’s important for drivers to know why their car may be overheating! It’s certainly cause for concern when you see the engine temperature needle in your European automobile moving into the high range… which is an indication of an overheating engine. You must be aware if your engine is regularly running hot. This can lead to expensive equipment damage as well as you being stranded on the side of the road, waiting to be towed into the closest service center.

Low coolant levels is the #1 and most common reason a car is overheating, especially when driving in the hot Las Vegas weather. Evaporation over time is usually the most likely culprit, next would be the fact that the cooling system was not properly filled during the car’s last servicing. There is a simple fix to this problem… Wait until the radiator cools down then check the coolant level and add recommend fluid if needed.

A cooling system leak is another common reason why a car overheats, these leaks happen due to a number of reasons. A small Pin hole leak can develop over time in the heater or radiator cores. Also, heater and radiator hoses can rupture under pressure and begin leaking coolant. A faulty freeze plug in the engine block can also be responsible for allowing coolant to leak from the system. Loose or faulty gaskets on the engine can enable coolant leaks to develop, causing an overheating of the car’s engine.

There is of course the bad thermostat, one that fails to open and prevents the antifreeze supply from properly circulating throughout the radiator to keep temperatures at cool levels, is another major cause of a car overheating. A faulty water pump that contributes to coolant failing to properly circulate is another common cause for a hot engine, but a telltale sign is a high pitched squeaking noise a day or two before the pump totally fails.

Air trapped in the cooling system, as well as a faulty radiator cooling fan, are additional reasons why your European vehicle may need servicing to prevent overheating. If your car has quite a few miles on its odometer and is a vintage edition, it’s possible that the radiator core has become plugged up with sludge and oxidation.

A bad radiator cap can also cause coolant fluid to leak out on a continual basis. This can eventually lead to a more serious problem, such as a blown head gasket causing engine overheating and a car that refuses to start.

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