Why Get an Auto Tune Up with Desert Oasis Auto Repair?

Desert Oasis Auto Repair Car Maintenance

Regular car Tune UpMany drivers operate under the false assumption that there is some magic bullet or little known mechanical addition that they can potentially apply to their car in order to extend its life. In reality, getting the absolute most out of your vehicle is very simple.  Getting regular tune-ups are the very best thing to do for your car.  Despite the fact that this is the one service that people tend to neglect the most.

Regular tune-ups are par for the course when it comes to being a responsible car owner. These services cover everything that your vehicle requires to run at maximum efficiency. Fluid checks and belt replacements are key when it comes to maintaining the life-blood of your car, truck and especially a European vehicle. While “quick-lube” places can hardly be trusted to give you an accurate report and perform thorough work, we at Desert Oasis Auto Repair prides ourselves in operating a different type of business. We use only new parts and gladly communicate with customers when it comes to each individual service.

Power Steering Fluid is essential when it comes to the number of miles your car can put under its belt in addition to ensuring the safety that drivers count on while out on the road. Operating a vehicle with low levels of this kind can make it hard to steer and even more difficult to react when facing an emergency. A proper tune-up ensures that this fluid is at appropriate levels and is in good enough condition to provide excellent service.

Transmission and coolant fluids are also critical for keeping your car from developing the need for serious repair. These liquids aid the engine when it comes to changing gears and keeping heat levels from rising too high. This is especially important when contending with the desert heat in Las Vegas. Should either of these things occur and be left unchecked, the engine can be completely destroyed over time.

Finally, timing belts, something easily overlooked, need to have regular inspections with every tune-up. This engine component is responsible for running the camshaft and crankshaft for the engine. When the belt is not functioning correctly, it can cause valves to bend in addition to damaging other vital components. This belt must be changed every 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Drivers in the Las Vegas area can give their car the care and maintenance that it needs at very affordable prices by making regular scheduled visits to Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair. Our honest and hard working staff has the skills required to communicate with customers regarding the needs and condition of their vehicle. Every automotive tune-up is performed with the express purpose of keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible while providing the customer with accurate feedback. We’d love to see you for your next tune up.