What Your Check Engine Light Is Telling You

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purpose of check Engine LightsMost drivers have experienced the sinking feeling associated with seeing a car check engine light come on. It appears in an alarming shade of red or yellow, warning of a problem detected by on-board computer circuitry. It’s not meant to be ignored, but some people do their best to dismiss it, believing or rather hoping the problem is something trivial and will somehow miraculously disappear. They get into the habit of living with the engine light on, a habit that’s not only wrong but potentially dangerous.

While true that this warning light equates to a mysterious question mark of trouble, it’s designed this way for a reason; people can’t  figuring out engine problems while driving in heavy traffic. A great many drivers also simply don’t want to deal with mechanical issues, treating the domain of the engine compartment as foreign territory best left to a mechanic. There’s nothing wrong with that attitude as long as the driver is willing to act on the danger signal of the check light, driving the car to an automotive repair facility and having it diagnosed by a certified mechanic, which is especially important for European vehicles. It doesn’t matter if the problem is as minor as a loose gas cap or a dirty spark plug, head to a garage and identify the reason for the light before the problem becomes worse. After all, the light may also be warning you of far more serious, costly problem arising.

Treat your car with the respect it deserves, acting as a responsible driver, if not for the benefit of your automobile then certainly for the safety of those you’re driving. When the check engine light does come on, make a call to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.  One annoying commonality noticed when the warning light comes on is the lack of any obvious signs of trouble, but the light doesn’t lie, there is most definitely something amiss, it’s just going to take some professional help and diagnostic equipment to narrow the culprit and cause.

The bad habit of ignoring the engine check light perhaps comes from fear of high repair bills, or even the belief that nothing’s wrong if the car is still moving. It’s tough to argue with this level of denial except to say the final repair bill is going to be far higher when ignoring the light than by seeking immediate help. The actual diagnosis process has become sophisticated and easily affordable, with a certified technician hooking up a car to diagnostic tools in minutes. The stored code causing the light can be read, printed out and handed to the driver along with a reasonable bill, especially if addressed early.

In the final analysis, deciding on taking responsible action depends on the judgment of each individual driver. If you, the owner of the vehicle feels the risk of driving with a check engine light always on can be rationalized then you will take that risk, but remember, not only is a hefty auto repair bill being gambled upon, but also the safety of all passengers in the vehicle. It’s plainly an unnecessary danger when diagnostic testing is so affordable.

Don’t ignore that light! Even though you see no sign of a problem, there could be unseen damage happening under the hood. Maybe too much gas is being burned or emission output is out of control. We can check all of those issues and many more with our ASE certified technicians getting to the core of the problem and informing you with courteous efficiency. Contact Desert Oasis European Auto Repair and Service today to schedule your affordable and hassle free diagnostic scan.