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What Would Cause My Audi’s Check Engine Light To Come On?

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The moment any Audi vehicle owner notices their check engine light has switched on, a moment of panic sets in. However, do not expect the worse considering the many different reasons that may have triggered this warning. From simple fixes to costly part repairs, it is necessary to find out the cause rather than ignore the alert.

Gas Cap
Most people are unaware that the check engine light can come on from something as miniscule as a loose gas cap.The reason for this warning is because a missing, loose or damaged gas cap is a major safety hazard. If fuel vapors are allowed to leak out into the atmosphere, it increases health and emissions issues, and reduces the overall gas mileage achieved by your vehicle. There is a simple check to this issue, immediately pull over and ensure that the cap is tightened and not damaged. This can easily fix the issue and rule out the need to consult with a professional mechanic.

Oxygen Sensor
A faulty oxygen censor is an example of a minor problem that can escalate into a major expense if not taken care of as soon as possible. Although cars have more than one oxygen sensor, each of them plays an important role in decreasing emissions and keeping gas mileage in check. One broken sensor can lead to irreparable damage to the catalytic converter, with a hefty price tag.

Mass Airflow Sensor
Drivers may not notice an immediate change in their vehicle once the mass airflow sensor fails, however, the car is going to stall more frequently as time goes on. A decrease in gas mileage may also become more evident as the sensor is unable to communicate with the internal computer to indicate the amount of air being drawn into the engine.

Spark Plugs or Plug Wires
If your vehicle seems to have random jolts of acceleration, this can indicate that malfunctioning spark plugs are causing a misfire. New spark plugs in a combustion engine may last up to 100,000 miles, there is however no guarantee that your plugs will not wear down much sooner. Spark plug and plug wires are one of the least expensive and easiest repairs the person with a basic knowledge of cars can make to any vehicle.

Although an issue with the gas cap or spark plugs may be the simple cause of a check engine light coming on, always have a professional diagnostic run by anĀ Audi mechanic. It is important to save time and money by identifying the exact issue and have the appropriate repairs done by someone with experience. The experts at Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair can take care of your Audi vehicle before this warning turns into a major breakdown.