Tune-up is a Term of the Past

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Growing up just outside Detroit, our family and friends bought and drove American cars. American-built is all anyone from that area knew. My family was not any different. My mother’s prize vehicle was her pale yellow Cadillac Deville. Oh how she loved that car!  The mechanical geniuses of Winn & Walt’s were the only people allowed under the hood of her pride and joy. Faithfully, twice a year, my mom would take her land yacht to them for a “tune-up.” This was at least a yearly service to check out if your vehicle was running its best. Back in the day, this typically included changing the oil, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and the engine air filter.

The term “tune-up” seems to have weathered the test of time, but I am here to make an announcement:  A “TUNE-UP” is a service of the past. Now in the 21st century with the high-tech, high end vehicles, especially those of the European and British makers, we now have “Scheduled Maintenance Intervals.” The old-school term “tune-up” was basically done on a time schedule. The new and improved scheduled maintenance is completed at mileage intervals. This is a much more efficient system to keep all components that wear out over time renewed.

The best part about this system is that your car’s onboard computer will let the driver know when the service is coming up. On a Mercedes, the message on your dash may countdown to its next A, B or C services all the way to G services on some models. If you are driving a BMW or Mini-Cooper, you may see the “service engine soon” or “service due” light illuminated. This helpful (or annoying) message can only be reset after the service has been completed. It is in the car’s best interest and that of your pocketbook as well to obey these helpful reminders to get your services completed on time. What seems to be a costly maintenance item will turn into the costliest and time-consuming repair later if the maintenance light is ignored. If you are unsure of what your onboard system may be telling you, consulting the owner’s manual may help to decode the mysterious lights for you.

Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, full synthetic oil services can start at $79.99. This service available at Desert Oasis European Auto Service comes with a twenty-one-point oil service inspection complete with pictures and technicians notes on the well-being of your vehicle. Sometimes, that bright service light is nothing more than this inexpensive service to help your vehicle age gracefully.  When a pesky dash light is illuminated, let the professionals of Team Oasis figure out which services are due for your vehicle. We know your vehicle is your family’s life line.  Our friendly staff will price them affordably and get you back on the road. Generally, these type of services can be completed in as little as one or two hours. Independent shops such as Desert Oasis can help its customers cut time and money by getting their vehicles serviced quickly and efficiently.

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