Tips for Buying a Used Mercedes-Benz from a Private Seller

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young man inspecting used mercedes-benz

When it comes to buying cars there are a lot of rules to follow, and that means there are a lot of mistakes that can be made. When it’s time to make a big purchase like buying a Mercedes-Benz, you definitely don’t want to make any slip ups. Here are some important rules to keep in mind when you go to buy your luxury car:

1. Car sellers have a tendency to bend the truth.

Some sellers fib because they want to make as much as they can, so they hide flaws and wax over the truth. Other sellers tell white lies (or big lies) by disclosing partial truths about any issues the cars they want to sell may have. An issue may be a cheap and easy fix, but you may not hear about it from the seller. Taking the Benz you want to buy to a repair shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz and having a licensed mechanic look at it can help dispel any doubts and issues the car may have.

2. The issue of inspections.

Always, always, always get a pre-purchase inspection done on any care you’re thinking about buying. Make sure you see maintenance records and check the car’s history. Having the car inspected beforehand is the way to ensure that the value of the car matches what the seller is asking for. Make sure you choose a inspector that has experience with European auto repair. Don’t let the seller make shop recommendations. It’s way too risky!

3. Make sure you get a cosmetic evaluation of the car when you get your pre-purchase inspection.

Most shops don’t usually do cosmetic evaluations as cosmetics are subjective and open to debate. However, asking your inspection shop nicely will help you determine if the paint on the vehicle is original and if the exterior parts are the originals too. If you’re purchasing a high-priced used car, always have this done.

4. Whenever you buy a used Mercedes-Benz, you want to make sure you keep yourself protected at all times.

Get a copy of the auto title’s front and back and verify the seller’s address, phone number and driver’s license number, and always pay by traceable payment methods. Verify the VIN # and check the carfax while you have the car being inspected. Take care and guard your money and your potential purchase. Be smart and you could be the happy owner of a new (to you) Mercedes-Benz!