5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start.

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Often times, many car owners are completely bewildered when their beloved car suddenly fails to start. The reality is that there are quite a few things that could cause your vehicle to not crank. Here are the top 5 and most common reasons why your car will not start.   Dead Battery Forgetting to turn off the interior or head lights is an easy way for the battery’s power supply to get drained in a few hours… certainly overnight.  If you are positive that no electrical components were left on, then you may indeed have a bad battery.  The fact is that all car batteries will need to be replaced at some point.  A healthy battery is essential for cranking your car. Poor Electrical Connections & Corrosion Many motorists unnecessarily replace their battery because their car fails to start.  For a vehicle to crank effectively, all of the electrical connections …

Custom Cars: The Best Custom VWs

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Designing and building a custom car is like choosing what toppings to put on your ice cream. There are a million different choices, and each one offers something unique and flavorful. With Volkswagens, the options for switching to custom body parts is endless. These are some of the best customized Volkswagens in the world: The Heb Rod Built a few years ago in Canada, this custom Beetle first debuted at the VW Classic in California. The front end of this car replicates early Ford models, and the perfectly finished product bridges the gap between VW and hot rods. The Karmann Ghia The Karmann Ghia became very popular very quickly in the early 1960s. In fact, VW doubled production of them to keep up with demand. Nowadays, Karmann Ghias are seen at classic car shows all over the U.S. and are still considered one of the best VWs to customize.