What Will Happen to Electric Cars in 2015?

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Have you been wondering where all the rage went since we wrote about electric cars back in 2013? They haven’t really swept the country like everyone thought. People talk about electric vehicles like they are national property, a sea-to-sea technology, an American child. But one could drive 600 miles across Montana and never see anything smaller than a Ford F-150. The fact is, an electric vehicle is like a shell buried in the sand: rare, wonderful, and usually found near water. Electric charging station company ChargePoint released an early 2014 study forecasting the “Top 10 Regions for EV Growth.” Save one city, Atlanta, every epicenter was near beach sand or bay inlet: Seattle, Chicago, Miami, Detroit, San Francisco, etc. Los Angeles currently boasts the highest national concentration of EV’s, almost 28,000. In late 2013, the Wall Street Journal noted that the City of Angels and San Francisco accounted for 30 percent …

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3 Electric Autos for 2013

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It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE! Just a few years ago the phrase “electric car” provoked scoffs, pshaws, and say-whats?! Now an electric automobile can be seen while waiting at every stoplight. Here are three new 2013 models to consider, if you’re ready to take the plunge and go electric. #3 Toyota Prius The grand-daddy of it all, the Prius was the first electric vehicle to achieve widespread success in the US market. The 2013 model promises to continue the trend. #2 Honda Civic Hybrid How does Honda reliability and 47MPH sound to you? #1 Volkswagen Golf (Manual) Can you drive a stick? Do it, and get 38MPH with this little gem. Why spend money on gasoline when you don’t have to? Whether your car runs on good intentions, gasoline, or electricity, if it needs some TLC and you’re in Las Vegas, take it to Desert Oasis Auto Repair!