How to fix an Overheating Car

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5:00 pm and you’re headed home from work. All of the sudden you notice your heat gauge is pushing into the red line with steam coming out from your engine. Amongst your panic… your only question, what should you do? There’s little else that can make a driver feel as helpless as an overheating car. There are actions you can and should take to protect you, your family and your vehicle to get you safely to your destination. Lighten the Burden It’s pretty intuitive to try to take it a little easier on your overworked car. Start by shutting off the air and rolling down the windows instead. Your AC takes a lot to run. Lighten the burden just a bit by turning off the non-essentials. When you come to a stop, especially in stop-n-go traffic, your car is not getting the air circulation that the wind supplies. Instead of …

Why Get an Auto Tune Up with Desert Oasis Auto Repair?

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Many drivers operate under the false assumption that there is some magic bullet or little known mechanical addition that they can potentially apply to their car in order to extend its life. In reality, getting the absolute most out of your vehicle is very simple.  Getting regular tune-ups are the very best thing to do for your car.  Despite the fact that this is the one service that people tend to neglect the most. Regular tune-ups are par for the course when it comes to being a responsible car owner. These services cover everything that your vehicle requires to run at maximum efficiency. Fluid checks and belt replacements are key when it comes to maintaining the life-blood of your car, truck and especially a European vehicle. While “quick-lube” places can hardly be trusted to give you an accurate report and perform thorough work, we at Desert Oasis Auto Repair prides …

Dealing with a Dead Car Battery

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It happens to everyone, sooner or later, even if you’ve always taken excellent care of your vehicle. You’re sitting there, with the ignition key engaged, and the motor should turn over, but you get nothing. Your car is out of juice. And it always seems to happen in the worst possible spot, at the worst possible time. All those times you made sure everything was off when the motor wasn’t running, all those times you checked the battery posts for rust… that won’t help you now! You should always have your own jumper cables in your car’s trunk, along with other emergency supplies,such as drinking water, flares, an extra blanket and a few days’ worth of nonperishable food items. Many people are willing to help someone with a jump for free, others will expect a small token of gratitude for their time. Jumping a car is quite simple, but must …

5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start.

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Often times, many car owners are completely bewildered when their beloved car suddenly fails to start. The reality is that there are quite a few things that could cause your vehicle to not crank. Here are the top 5 and most common reasons why your car will not start.   Dead Battery Forgetting to turn off the interior or head lights is an easy way for the battery’s power supply to get drained in a few hours… certainly overnight.  If you are positive that no electrical components were left on, then you may indeed have a bad battery.  The fact is that all car batteries will need to be replaced at some point.  A healthy battery is essential for cranking your car. Poor Electrical Connections & Corrosion Many motorists unnecessarily replace their battery because their car fails to start.  For a vehicle to crank effectively, all of the electrical connections …

Top Five Ways to Determine if an Auto Repair Shop is Right For You

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When it comes time to get work done on your car, you want to be sure that you choose the right Las Vegas auto repair shop.  Choosing the right shop is important, because you could be investing a lot of money into the work that shop will be doing for you.  So you want to have confidence in the shop before you bring in your car. As you’re out getting estimates from each repair shop in Las Vegas, there are a few things you should consider and look for when determining which shop is right for you.  When you take the time to investigate your options, you will find a shop that will fit most, if not all of your needs and offer you the best end results. 1- Auto Repair Certifications: First and foremost, an auto repair shop that takes the time to certify its technicians in I-Car and …

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3 Electric Autos for 2013

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It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE! Just a few years ago the phrase “electric car” provoked scoffs, pshaws, and say-whats?! Now an electric automobile can be seen while waiting at every stoplight. Here are three new 2013 models to consider, if you’re ready to take the plunge and go electric. #3 Toyota Prius The grand-daddy of it all, the Prius was the first electric vehicle to achieve widespread success in the US market. The 2013 model promises to continue the trend. #2 Honda Civic Hybrid How does Honda reliability and 47MPH sound to you? #1 Volkswagen Golf (Manual) Can you drive a stick? Do it, and get 38MPH with this little gem. Why spend money on gasoline when you don’t have to? Whether your car runs on good intentions, gasoline, or electricity, if it needs some TLC and you’re in Las Vegas, take it to Desert Oasis Auto Repair!

Automobile Nostalgia: Benz vs. BMW Quick Facts

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Few things spark passions in car-lovers more than arguments over classic cars. One battle that has been waged for years is between classic BMWs and Benzes. Here are a couple quick comparisons between these two auto-makers, each with their own storied histories: Origins The “Benz” name traces back to 1886 when it was used with the Benz Patent Motorwagen. The Benz Motorwagen is generally regarded as the first automobile. BMW traces its origins back to 1917. Football Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW sponsor football clubs. In the top-flight German Bundesliga, Benz sponsors VfB Stuttgart and BMW sponsors Eintracht Frankfurt. Whether you drive a Benz or BMW, we suspect you love your car and want to make sure it continues running properly. So here’s a reminder that it might be time to get your auto a little love. If you’re in or around Vegas, hook your auto up with some TLC at Desert Oasis …