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Audi Testing Driverless Cars in Nevada

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If you are traveling down the I-15 near Las Vegas and get passed by a car with no driver, don’t panic. It’s just Audi testing its newest laser sensor. The device is so small, about the size of your fist, that you might not recognize your lane mate as an autonomous car until you peer in the window. Unlike the giant, roof-mounted devices of the past, the new Audi laser system fits inside the grill, and has the ability to sense its surroundings and make evasive maneuvers. Audi is currently testing them in parking garages on the Strip. Automotive professionals have a lot to keep up with, but one thing they’ll see a lot less of are accidents. The swiftly growing autonomous features in cars from the likes of Audi and Toyota, will significantly increase safety on the roads, while decreasing pollution. How would you feel about your car driving …