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Why is My BMW’s A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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100+ degree weather is hitting the Las Vegas valley again. The luxury of our car’s air-conditioning will be working overtime. A/C is an amazing component of our European vehicle. When the blower is cranking out the cool air we are on easy street and haven’t a care in the world. But flip on the thermostat fan to get hit with hot dry air that refuses to cool down, man, this can really ruin your day!

How to Fix Your Car’s AC (And Why it’s Broken)

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It’s no secret a Las Vegas summer day can be blistering, and if your car’s AC happens to break on one of those days, it could feel like driving on the Sun. But fear not, since this is a problem every motorist can avoid. With regular maintenance and checkups, it’s easy to elude the ever-present possibility of a malfunctioned AC. Many AC problems stem from low levels of refrigerant, typically caused by a leak, and can easily be fixed with a simple trip to a car ac repair shop in Las Vegas. You should still be cautious with your air conditioning unit, especially if you drive an older vehicle. If your auto was built before 1994, it likely contains Freon, which is now outlawed by the government because of its ozone-killing compounds. If this is the case, a licensed professional will have to drain and dispose of the material and …