Synthetic Oil: Your Car’s Life Fluid

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Just as we looked at the changes in the automotive services of the past, oils that have always been the life fluid of vehicles are now not created equally. The Winn & Walt’s of the 1970-1980’s worked hard to improve the service times your vehicles need to spend in the shop. From those early efforts, synthetic oils were born. Yes, full synthetic oils are the newest craze in the auto industry! It is the best choice in life fluid for your vehicles engine, especially if you are driving a European Luxury Vehicle. These vehicles require a full synthetic oil.

Full synthetic oils are made up exclusively of a modified synthetic base stock. This formula is designed to help protect these vehicles’ engines from all extremes. Weather temperature and dirt are just some of the examples of the extremes that your car can go through. The synthetic base stock gives the oil a chance to work well with additive packages that are designed to boost protection against the coldest of winters and the hottest of summers. These additives will keep your oil cleaner and leave the mechanical parts of your engine with less carbon build-up. As a matter of fact, some are even designed to clean up carbon left by inferior oils used before!

Manufacturers will argue which brands are best for their models of vehicle. The weights of the oils are what is truly important for your vehicle. Although Mobile One may be leading the market this month, it may have been Castrol yesterday. Check your owner’s manual for what your manufacturer suggests. Keep in mind however, the oil du jour may cost more, driving the cost of an oil change up as well. Full synthetic oils will let you go longer between oil changes. Conventional oils are every 3,000 miles, where synthetics are every 5,000 but no longer than 7,500 miles between oil changes.

Oil changes are the least costly of any service performed on your vehicle. Manufacturers require these to be done at least every 5k miles to keep their warranties valid. Make sure you keep all receipts of your car’s oil changes. Team Oasis knows the importance of keeping these records, having made it easier for their customers to keep track of each service online. All your car’s service history is now kept online at by Mitchell1.

Desert Oasis’s customers have the choice to register at this site to view or print these records at any time. Team Oasis also reports all your records to Carfax. If or when you go to sell your vehicle, the new buyer can see that the vehicle’s oil changes were done faithfully and with full synthetic oils as suggested by its manufacturer.  This a big selling point for the buyer. Desert Oasis remains on the cutting edge of technology in the auto industry. This gives you, the car owner, an alternative to the dealerships when it comes to basic services on your vehicles.

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