Secrets to Save Money on Gas

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Fuel efficiency begins simply with great cars that are designed to save gas.  When you buy a new car, research what gas mileage you can expect to get on city and highway driving.  Without the luxury of buying an electric car or hybrid, let’s explore fuel-saving secrets that you can control from behind the wheel of your car.

Curb Your Driving Style

Wasting Gas in an Idle CarThere are common situations we all face as drivers that waste fuel.  Sitting idly in city traffic, for example? Total waste of fuel.  Or, those days when you catch every single red light on the way to work.  All of that stop-and-go seriously swallows your fuel like chugging cola.
Your daily routine has a direct impact on your gas mileage.  It’s extreme, but you could re-route your commute to avoid as many stop lights as possible.  Or, adapt that heavy foot from accelerating quickly at green lights.  Coasting buys extra gas mileage, sparing you from having to stop the engine, then rev it up again.

Essentially, road-rage driving wastes more fuel, while calm drivers save. Keeping your foot off the brake helps to conserve energy. Lightly pressing the gas pedal to accelerate conserves gas too. Finally, following the posted speed limits also lessens your number of trips to the gas pump.Even if you adapt your driving habits to ere on the edge of conservative; the notorious gas guzzlers will waste fuel no matter what you do.

Use Gas Treatment

Fuel treatments are common items sold at auto parts stores.  Adding a gas treatment with your fuel will help clean out your fuel system thus helping your engine to run more efficiently. Drivers who avoid a simple item like a gas treatment are giving away gas mileage that can be recovered using this simple solution.

Regular Maintenance

Car Blows ExhaustThis is where Desert Oasis Auto Repair comes in.  Regular maintenance of your vehicle is required to keep your gas mileage as high as possible. Oil changes, engine flushes and transmission services help to keep your vehicle in good condition.  Milestone service will help increase your gas mileage even more.

Timely Repairs

You have to get auto repairs on your car at the onset of car problems. When you can feel the performance of your vehicle suffering or funny noises while you drive it, you can almost be certain there is a part in need of replacement. Our ASE certified mechanics will repair your vehicle, and restore a level of fuel conservation efficiency that was lost due to a broken or malfunction auto part.

Added Weight

Weighing down your car with unnecessary camping equipment or construction supplies slows down its fuel efficiency. Even carrying extra people in your vehicle will reduce gas mileage.  The excess weight is felt on your tires.  If not inflated properly, it takes more fuel to power them up and get them rolling.filling gas tankAdhering to a more defensive driving style, maintaining routine car service and staying mindful of the baggage you carry as well as the obstacles on your route (too many red lights, ahem!) your gas mileage will slim down to assist your budget.   Let’s say you’ve already uncovered these secrets and still haven’t noticed any difference, we recommend having your car assessed by a professional auto repair service to isolate the main culprits that are draining both your gas tank and your wallet dry too quick!   Schedule an appointment easily online at Desert Oasis Auto Repair in Las Vegas, NV.