Pro’s and Con’s of Luxury Cars

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Since Henry Ford started mass-producing automobiles in the early 1900s, people have been passionate about their vehicles. As automation and assembly lines became more popular, they led to mass production of more than just domestic automobile brands like Ford and GM, but also to luxury brands like BMW, Audi and VW.

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These luxury brands have created their own niche in the North American automotive market, and as a result, have drastically grown in popularity. There are many things about luxury brands that people love, but there are also some pitfalls that need to be understood about luxury automobiles. Here are some of the pros and cons of owning luxury cars, SUVs and trucks.

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What Makes a Car “Luxury”

Car owners have their own personal reasons for loving a particular make or model of car, but there are numerous things that luxury cars have that set them apart from other brands.

  • Comfort: When it comes to the layout, interior design, and style of luxury cars, it’s easy to understand why they’re generally more comfortable. Their interior design provides great ergonomics for drivers and passengers alike, while advanced engineering creates incredibly smooth driving and handling. The luxury vehicle’s comfort and features can seem nearly endless.
  • Performance: When it comes to engine performance and body design, luxury brands boast that their European engineering sets them apart from all other automakers. For the most part they aren’t wrong; the performance of their cars and trucks has been lauded for decades by car buffs and other auto authorities on the topic.
  • Safety: Safety is one of the main selling features of any auto brand and luxury cars are no different. While European engineering and styling are main selling features, they also continuously announce new and improved leading-edge safety features.
  • Technology: Technology in the ultra-competitive auto industry is forever evolving and improving. Luxury brands tend to take the lead when it comes to new and advanced automotive technology and the luxury auto industry strives to stay ahead of the curve in order to retain their luxury reputation.

Common Problems with BMWs, Audis, VWs

These luxury brands are well known worldwide and have been around just as long as many domestic and international brands. While they are promoted as high-end luxury products, they aren’t without their own deficiencies.

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In 2013 BMW recalled approximately 750,000 vehicles spanning a number of different models that were sold in the United States, Japan, Canada and South Africa because of an electrical issue. These common problems with BMWs are not isolated to just a single incident, as electrical issues with BMWs have been known to cause the cars to stall unexpectedly, among other things.

VW has had similar issues with their popular Jetta model over the years where electrical issues with incorrect grounding have led to problems with everything from door locks to spraying windshield wiper fluid. While some of the fixes are fairly easy, diagnosing the issues isn’t always as simple.

Other luxury automotive brands like Audi aren’t immune to electrical issues, either. Multiple reports of flickering interior and exterior lights have caused frustration among Audi lovers and have led to many online posts and forums of people trying their best to help fellow Audi owners solve their electrical issues.

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It’s easy to point out faults with just about any make or model of car, whether it’s a luxury or domestic brand. At the end of the day, luxury cars and trucks fulfill a personal desire for top-end features like comfort, ride, technology and a litany of other features that just can’t be found in domestic cars.

While they’re generally very well built, they do experience car problems, just like any other vehicle brand, so understanding what can typically go wrong with your favorite luxury brand should be taken into consideration when purchasing your next vehicle.

For more information about common problems with BMWs, Audis, and VWs or to make a service appointment contact Desert Oasis European Auto Repair today (702) 255-4090.  Desert Oasis prides itself on the highest quality care for the finest in luxury auto repair.

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