My Car Brakes Are Making A Grinding Noise. What should I do?

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brake damageMost drivers cringe when they stomp on the brakes of their prized European automobile and hear an unexpected grinding noise. While this sound is clearly unwanted, it is not rare. Hearing grinding noises when using your brakes can, and normally will, occur at some time on most cars. This grinding noise usually means that something is wrong with either the brakes or the rotors.

While the exact problem needs to be diagnosed by a European auto repair professional, there are a couple of different possibilities for the problem. In all likelihood, the problem of the grinding noise could stem from the pads on the disc brakes that are touching the brake rotor disc, the brake pads or brake shoes. When these parts make contact it creates unwanted metal on metal friction. The causes of this friction are brake pads that get worn down over years of driving. Sometimes, when a driver ignores worn-out brake pads, then this grinding noise is the result. Another, more favored possibility is as simple as small pebble or stone lodged inside the brakes.

European car owners should never ignore this grinding noise due to the complexity of these automobiles. Failing to maintain these issues could severely impact the brakes, which will increase the likelihood of having brakes fail to work when needed. The result of faulty brakes could be car damage, or more important, possible bodily injury. In addition, when the rotors or brake pads become damaged for a period of time, it becomes a pricey to fix. It is important to take care of these problems because the damage will only get worse.

As soon as the grinding noise occurs, it would be wise to speak to the experts at Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair. Our professional team of auto repair specialists will inspect the damaged components and recommend the necessary solutions to get you back on the road running like new again.