Grinding Noise

My Mercedes SUV is Making a Grinding Noise and it Doesn’t Sound Good!

Desert Oasis Auto Repair Mercedes Benz

It can be common to hear a noise coming from the undercarriage of many GL, ML and R Class Mercedes-Benz (with the years of these models varying from 2006-2012). It is a pretty horrendous noise that no one can ignore!

Grinding Noise

Mechanics who are not specialized in the repair of Mercedes-Benz are replacing wheel bearings or wheel hubs. This grinding or whining sound mirrors that of these parts wearing out. (This is not to say those parts do not wear out as well.) When these parts are replaced, it does not remedy the sound. An experienced Mercedes specialist will recognize this grinding or winding sound, which increases with speed, as coming from the front differential.

What Is The Cause and the Solution?

Mechanics who do their research will find the only way to repair this sound is to replace the front differential. This is the method the dealership uses and how they sell the part. The method is not effective because it is actually coming from the bearings inside the differential. The bearing wears out and causes this horrendous noise. The differential in its entirety does not have to be replaced; only the bearings inside. However, dealerships and aftermarket OEM replacement parts vendors will only sell the front differential in its entirety. This part, (on its own!) costs upwards of $4000. The labor to repair it is $1000. That’s a grand total of $5000. SAY WHAT??…  Might as well buy a new vehicle!!

Our team at Desert Oasis has found an inexpensive way to fix this problem without replacing the entire front differential. Since it is only the bearings which needs replacing, our researchers have found a high quality bearing replacement. This replacement bearing is quality checked and shipped for approximately $500. The labor on this repair (depending on suspension package) is about $1000 with the total cost equaling $1500. This brings a savings of $3500 to our customers! We love passing savings like these down. This is the reason we are in the automotive repair business. Whichever way you look at it, this saves money, time and the planet with recycling… And who doesn’t like that?

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