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Owners Jacki and Gyorge Kiss are among the friendliest, most personable business owners in Las Vegas. In fact, their willingness to befriend their customers keeps their business strong and steady. To make their customers happy, Jacki and Gyorge handpicked a select few among a city of auto repair technicians that have unique qualifications that set them above the rest. When you choose Desert Oasis European Auto Repair for your car care, you know your baby will be handled only by the best. Our mechanics are specially trained to fix your vehicle better than any auto repair shop in Las Vegas.


Ross, Auto Technician

Ross is the newest member at Team Oasis. He joined us as a modest shop porter when we noticed his skills extended far beyond that. His maintenance proficiencies and diagnostic evaluation in the European auto service business quickly advanced him to one of our resident experts.

As an excellent candidate for Technicians’ Apprentice, our Master Technician has begun mentoring him toward his ASE Certification.

Ross grew up in California then returned to the Philippines during his teenage years. He returned to Las Vegas 5 years ago and enjoys relaxing with friends, watching movies, and hiking in the mountains in his free time.

Gustavo, Auto Technician

Gustavo (aka Shorty) was introduced to auto repair by his dad. By age 12, Gustavo was turning a wrench. As a graduate of ATI Automotive, Gustavo has being his ASE testing. He’s already earned his A-1 Certification and is on his way to accomplishing his goal of becoming a Master Technician.

Gustavo moved to Las Vegas five years ago from Phoenix, AZ. He fell in love at first sight and married his now-wife three weeks later! This is a man who knows what he wants and strives for excellence both personally and professionally. Outside the auto repair shop, Gustavo loves to run for fitness and paint for relaxation. Who knew our auto technician was secretly an artist!

Candice, Service Advisor

Candice is our service writer-in-training. She joined Desert Oasis in April of 2015 and has performed so well that we’ve promoted her to service writing. Candice is enrolled as a student in a 6-month mentoring program. Her education is designed to teach services writers how to translate car repair lingo to the layperson.

In a nutshell, Candice is learning to speak fluent Car! She enjoys working in the automotive industry and says her co-workers help her days fly by!

Candice’s family is the most important part of her life. She spends much of her spare time with them. As a hobby, Candice bakes delicious cupcakes and sweet treats to share with family, friends, and our team here at Desert Oasis Auto Repair. We love it when she tests a new dessert recipe! 😉

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If you own a BWM/MINI, Audi/Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Land Rover, give us a try the next time you experience car trouble. We are ready to WOW you with our quality service!