a mechanic working on the left and a technician doing diagnostics on the right

Mechanic vs Technician

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I grew up on the east side of Motor City. Back in Detroit, mechanics handed down their trade through family generations. Our mechanics worked at the local gas station. When they didn’t have a car to work on, they were pumping gas and washing our windshield. Back in the day, Winn & Walt’s Gas and Tires were our family’s mechanics. Grandpa, Auntie, Mom and Dad took all our vehicles to be serviced by their business.

These good old boys started working on cars in their personal garages, tinkering on engines. American cars were this duo’s passion and past time. This father and son team were self-taught in the automotive field. Winn had his son Walt handing him tools at the age of 6. The trade was passed down just as his business was passed down by all members in my family. They were true mechanics! They learned by doing: The original hands-on life lessons in automotive repair. There was no figuring out why something was broken or if the part was superseded to an upgraded part. Nope! They just fixed what was broken until it could not be fixed anymore. This was the art of a mechanic.

Fast forward to today’s automotive world. There is more than just the Big Three competing for the consumer’s loyalty and love of the finest vehicles. Enter German and British Automotive, cornering the market with high-end luxury vehicles. Today’s automobiles are ruled by on-board computers, electronic modules and at the very least sensors or relays. Each component of these vehicles are high-tech first and mechanical second, leaving the days of our “family mechanic” in the classic salvage yard. The Winn & Walt’s of the world and the, “I know a guy who works out of his house” days are long gone. Modern day Winn & Walt’s are going to school learning how to code and program the computers and modules of today’s vehicles.

Battery replacement on a 3, 5, 6 or 7 series needs to be registered to that vehicle. A/C on an E or C class not blowing cold air? To diagnose where the problem lies, we need a computer or a diagnostic scanner to let us know the codes and procedures on the many things or one thing that may be failing. The days of “learning as you go” in the automotive field are no more. Hands-on classroom experience coupled with field training is the only way to diagnose and repair these vehicles. Many schools versed in the mechanical and the technical sides of fixing a vehicle are graduating professionals in the automotive field with the proud title of Automotive Technician. These men and women are experts in math, science, digital and mechanical engineering. They are highly trained in the art of communication both verbally and written. These technicians must have a love for the technical side and a passion for the mechanical performance of these fine vehicles.

The technicians (not mechanics) must be able to express the services and repairs needed to the drivers who own them. Let’s face it. We all want to know “why” something is wrong with this vehicle we spend so much time on the road in. They don’t only treat the symptom (the angel eye headlight is out on my BMW) but figure out the cause (the bulb is good; it’s the circuit board that has blown out) so that they may correct the problems in performance. The people who hold these positions must be willing to continue their education in their field of expertise. Brushing up on manufacturer updated models or new lines of vehicles should be on a yearly/bi-yearly basis.

Team Oasis knows the important of continuing education of the vehicle they service. Knowledge is key in the automotive industry. This is why each one of their Automotive Technicians are sent to training classes and seminars quarterly to remain current with the industry’s standards. Team Oasis has found their niche working on BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi,Volkswagen, Porsche and Land Rovers. It is not only their niche but their passion. Call Desert Oasis to experience what sets them apart from all the rest. The education, experience, passion and integrity of our skilled and professional Automotive Technicians.