5 Tips To Detect A Leak In Your Land Rover Air Suspension

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An air suspension refers to a form of vehicle suspension that is powered by an engine or electric-driven compressor or air pump. Sometimes referred to as an “air ride” suspension, this feature is fairly common in luxury cars. The main advantage of air suspension in comparison to traditional steel spring suspension is improved ride quality. Not only does air suspension allow for a smoother ride, but it is also typically adjustable.

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While there are many benefits of air suspension for luxury cars like a Land Rover, you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits if there is a leak. Here are five tips that will help you detect a leak in your land rover air suspension.

1. How High Above the Ground is the Car?

The height of the car above the ground is one way you can determine whether there is a leak in the air suspension of your Land Rover. A typical sign of a leak is if the rear end of the vehicle is sagging in comparison to the front end. If the rear end is sagging, this usually indicates a moderate leak in the air suspension. However, if the entire vehicle looks like it’s sitting on the ground, this usually indicates a serious leak.

2. Check Components for Land Rover Air Suspension Leak

Another way you can determine whether there is a leak is looking for air leaks in the various components of the air suspension of the Land Rover. Some of the major components of air suspension is the rubber bladder and the hoses. While leaks in the hoses tend to be moderate or large in size, the leaks in the rubber bladders tend to be very small. If you notice a leak in any of these components, you will need to get these leaks fixed to ensure or restore proper function of the air suspension of the Land Rover. You can prevent leaking from the hoses by ensuring the connection hose fittings are in good condition.

3. Check the Function of the Air Compressor

Yet another way you can detect a leak in your Land Rover air suspension is checking the function of the air compressor. The air compressor is the main component that operates an air suspension system. If you find that the air compressor is weak or failing upon inspection, this is often a sign of a leak in the air compressor.

4. Strange Noises

In many cases, car owners can identify an issue with their vehicle by listening for strange noises. This is definitely true when it comes to detecting a leak in the air suspension of a Land Rover. If you lean on your vehicle and hear a distinct hissing noise, this is an obvious sign of a leak in the air suspension. The louder the hissing noise, the more air that is escaping from the air suspension.

5. How Old Is the Air Suspension System?

While air suspension systems are manufactured to last for many years, all systems will fail after a certain period of time. Fatigue from carrying the vehicle’s weight will cause the system to fail. Land Rovers in particular have suspension problems from time to time. Also, harsh materials like road salts and road debris can inflict major damage on an air suspension system. Therefore, you should have your air suspension system inspected every few years to identify leaks due to simple wear and tear.

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