Common Land Rover Problems

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When it comes to representing luxury, Land Rover is one of the premiere brands in the auto world. From celebrities to business owners, there are many people who purchase Land Rover vehicles.

Although Land Rovers are popular, they are not without their share of problems. In fact, Land Rovers have been the subject of many recalls, investigations and complaints. Here are the 6 most common Land Rover problems.

Air Suspension Problems

If you ask any mechanic to rate Land Rovers based on their reliability, most will probably give low marks in this category. Land Rovers have been called many things, but reliable is not one of them.

A common problem that Land Rovers share is related to air suspension. The purpose of air suspension is to improve the way Land Rovers ride.

When customers purchase their vehicles, they are impressed with the smooth feeling ride of their Land Rover. However, after 6 years, the Land Rover’s suspension will begin to sag. As a result, customers have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the original air suspension with traditional coils.

Electrical Problems and Oil Leaks

When you spend over $60,000 for a vehicle, you do not expect to have problems with the electrical system and oil leaks. Luxury vehicles should not have these problems.

It is common for customers to report these issues. Common problems in these areas include head gasket failures, heater core failures. Land Rovers are known for leaking oil. This can happen before the vehicle reaches 60,000 miles. Areas of oil leak include oil cooler lines and valve cover gaskets.

Sunroof Water Leaks

There is a tendency for the sunroofs in Land Rovers to leak. In some instances, customers have reported this problem in less than 55,000 miles. The cause of sunroof leaks in Land Rovers is due to pinched sunroof drains.

Parking Brake Failure

Customers have also reported parking brake failures and screeching sounds when the parking brake is used. Over time, the Land Rover’s parking brake will get out of alignment and need to be readjusted.

Steering Shaft Problems

If you are driving a Land Rover and you hear loud noises as you are turning the steering wheel, the steering shaft in your vehicle might be malfunctioning. Customers usually notice these problems while turning at low speeds.

Airbags Malfunction

Most consumers purchase a luxury vehicle for the enhanced safety features. In the Land Rover, there have been customer complaints about air bags that malfunction. Due to a misalignment of air bag springs and steering columns, the wiring may break.

As a result of this malfunction, the air bag might deploy erroneously. Premature deployment could cause injury and death. There are some reported instances of deployed air bags causing lacerations and finger amputations.

It is important to do your due diligence before you purchase a Land Rover. They are beautiful cars with great features, but the have problems that are costly to repair.
After you make your Land Rover purchase, you should have the number of a good Land Rover mechanic on speed dial.


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