Automatic transmission gear shift

Transmission Issues: Hard Shifting, Gear Ratio Faults, and NO Reverse

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My Audi is revving up before it slams into second gear. My BMW is hard shifting into third gear. Wow! My Range Rover says, “restricted performance visit workshop”. My Jaguar will not drive over 35 mph. Someone said this is “Limp Mode”? My Volkswagen is stuck in park? My Land Rover won’t go in reverse. What should I do?

Automatic transmission gear shift

These are all good indicators that these vehicles may need a transmission repair. All is not lost if this is the case. In many instances, it may be the valve body that malfunctions before the transmission goes bad. The valve body controls the shifting point in the transmission. In these scenarios, you should seek a professional technician in your make and model to get a correct diagnostic report with pricing. In some cases, it can simply be a computer update. This which would be the best scenario.

In the event your European vehicle needs a transmission there are three options you may be faced with. Your first option is a brand new out of the box transmission. This is typically the costliest option. Depending on the year, make, and model this can cost you thousands of dollars. Most do not opt for this remedy unless it is covered by a warranty if it is even available. It is quite pricey and will usually cost more than the car’s value.

Your second option is from a dismantler. If your Range Rover is displaying the “Gear Ratio” light there is a good chance it is a common problem with that model. Choosing the option for a salvaged transmission may be a cheaper option but you may inherit the same issues down the road. When choosing this path, your decision should be based on the mileage of the dismantler’s engine.

We feel the third and final option, before trashing your Audi with a hard-shifting problem, is to rebuild your current transmission. You will have peace of mind knowing you are not acquiring someone else’s problem transmission. This method will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. It is a solid fix and will more than likely last you the ownership of the vehicle.

Maintenance is key with German vehicles in mind. Regular transmission services like a fluid drain and refill can help preserve the life of the transmission. Some makes like Audi have required scheduled maintenance intervals for changing the transmission fluid, filter or pan, and the pan gasket to keep the transmission shifting smoothly. This service may run from $300 on BMW’s drain and fill to $1200 on the Land Rover’s filter and fluid change. This may seem costly at first glance but nothing in comparison to the rebuilding of the transmission on one of these European vehicles ($2500+)

Should you need professional European Auto Repair and Diagnostics in Las Vegas, be sure to contact Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair immediately.

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