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What You Need to Know For Your Car’s Maintenance Costs

Desert Oasis Auto Repair Car Maintenance

A car’s maintenance cycle comes around usually every 30,000 miles, but unless a driver has been saving up over the time between the last maintenance cycle and this one, it can make a significant dent in his or her pocket. 

Scheduled maintenance and repair costs can cost quite a lot, depending on the type of vehicle and how long since its last maintenance visit. That’s why the people at Desert Oasis are offering financing to deal with those regular maintenance cycles that you need to undergo to keep your car running in the best shape of its life.

Woman in Car Shop Holding Calculator

It’s More than a Tune Up

Wear and tear happen on all vehicles, and the engine and body of a car deals with this problem on a daily basis. The vehicles onboard system can remind you it needs TLC. Understanding this makes it easy to see why every so often the entire vehicle needs an inspecting where the replaceable parts are changed or checked to keep the engine in proper working condition. Vehicle maintenance can mean the difference between a safe and confident ride and breaking down on the side of the road because you didn’t deal with problems as they occurred.

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Financing options start at $299 not only for repairs but services which include:

Full Synthetic Oil and Filter Service (Starting at $79.00 some makes and model slightly more): Oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle. Synthetic oil is superior to non-synthetic blends because they are made for heavy duty road use. Synthetic Oil and filter changes need to be done every 5,000 miles as suggested by Team Oasis to ensure that the engine keeps purring through your engine, making you drive comfortable and worry-free.

Brake Fluid Flush (ALL Models at $129.99 most models): A brake fluid flush is necessary to make sure the brake system performs to the best of its abilities and should be done every two years.

Vehicle Inspection (Driving Performance Inspection $188.00 on 3, 5, and 6 series): Performance is what you want out of a car and getting that usually requires checking off many different systems to ensure that your entire vehicle is performing optimally.

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Getting it Right the First Time

Vehicle maintenance is something that all auto owners need to do, even if they can’t afford it. The longer a car is left between maintenance cycles, the more likely it is to break down completely. When your vehicle needs maintenance, but you aren’t prepared for the cost, check out Desert Oasis Auto Repairs today and take advantage of our friendly financing rates on complete auto maintenance and repairs. Nobody else offers a deal like this, so schedule an appointment or hurry down to our premier maintenance center to experience it yourself!