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Frequently Asked Questions

My car is taking longer than usual to turn over while starting. Is this an engine problem?

There are many reasons why this could be happening. We suggest you bring the car in and have our extremely knowledgeable technicians diagnose the issue. It may be as simple as renewing the battery.

Do you have a diagnostic fee?

We charge $122.00. However, if you repair with us, the fee will be waived with same day service.

The check engine light is on in my car, but my car is running great. Is it a glitch in the system?

This is a warning light. Even if the vehicle is running at top performance the check engine light comes on to alert you to a problem. We suggest you bring the car in and have our extremely knowledgeable technicians run a diagnostic scan to determine what is needed.

What is the difference between regular oil and synthetic oil? Which oil is best for my BMW?

Most manufacturers recommend fully synthetic oil for European-made vehicles. In particular, BMW recommends 5-30 synthetic oil for the 3, 5, and 7 series because synthetic oil reduces friction in the engine. BMW also recommends changing the oil every 10,000 miles under perfect driving conditions. However, based on our extreme desert climate, we recommend an oil change every 5,000 mile for optimum engine performance.

My Mercedes E320 vibrates when I brake. What is the cause of this vibration?

In most instances, this vibration is caused by an issue with the front brake rotors. If our highly skilled European auto technicians verify this to be the problem, we recommend replacing the rotors with original manufactured equipment (OEM) to minimize this problem in the future.

My Mercedes is due for Service C. How long will this service take and do you provide transportation while my vehicle is being serviced?

When you bring you vehicle in for service, we provide free shuttle service so you can be on your way quickly. If you need to have access to transportation while we are servicing your vehicle, we will gladly assist you with a rental vehicle.

I have an extended warranty. Does Desert Oasis do extended warranty work or do I have to take my car to a dealership?

We work with all extended warranty companies. Prior to completing any warranty work, we’ll contact the warranty provider and obtain a pre-authorization, keeping the whole process worry free for you. Additionally, we work with all insurance companies to handle authorized claims.

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