Everything You Need To Know About Car Fluids

European oil changeThe fluids used in your car play an integral part in your car running smoothly. If a car’s fluids run out, it can break down quickly.

Read through our list of auto and engine fluids to find out just how each plays its part to help run your car smoothly.

Motor Oil

The motor oil in your car passes through every part of your engine to lubricate it and cool it down while it runs.  The oil prevents metal components from making contact with one another.  You need to make sure you have motor oil that is rated for your vehicle (especially important for European import vehicles) and you must make sure you have motor oil that is going to work in your climate.  Some motor oils are made for hot weather, and there are others that are made just for cold weather.  If your motor oil runs out or thins, you face the serious potential to blow the heads off of the engine, thus breaking down your car.  It costs thousands of dollars to repair a fix like this.

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid rests inside its “transmission casing” to make sure that the gears inside the transmission change smoothly. Your transmission shifts several times during your drive time, and you need to make sure that you have enough fluid to keep the transmission from breaking down.   The transmission fluid in most European import cars is red. If you notice the transmission fluid changes in color, you need to have it replaced.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is what actually powers your brakes.  Without it, nothing would happen when you press your gas pedal.  The fluid runs a hydraulic system that slows the car when you apply the brake pedal. Even though it is not changed often, make sure it doesn’t run low.   You can refill your brake fluid yourself, but a mechanic is required to replace it.  A replacement means the existing fluid must be flushed from the system entirely.  A mechanic bleeds the brakes before they are put back together.

Power Steering Fluid

Your power steering fluid runs the hydraulic system that makes your steering wheel easy to turn. If your power steering system does not work, and it is practically impossible to turn the wheel your steering fluid is running low. Unlike brake fluid, power steering fluid needs to be flushed regularly.


The coolant you put in your vehicle helps to keep your engine from overheating. Also, your coolant prevents the engine from freezing in extreme cold. You can get special antifreeze coolant that you can use if you live in a very cold climate. Alternatively, you can get very powerful coolant if you live in a very hot climate. You should refill your coolant often, and have the system fixed immediately if you notice a leak.

Managing your car’s fluids is essential for your safety and to prolong the life of your vehicle. When in doubt, or if you’re just curious to see exactly where these fluids belong, you can call the auto experts at Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair.   We will dissect your car, point out where the fluids reside and what purpose they serve. We can also show you how to check certain fluids yourself to know when it is time for service. Give us a call today at 702-255-4090.




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