Common Reasons for Failing an Emissions Test

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Smog TestEvery year it’s the same annoying concern, will my vehicle pass or fail the emissions test? Not only can you not drive your car until you pass the test, but you will need to spend money to fix the issue. Furthermore, when trying to fix the problem, you will often waste money if you don’t know where to start and what to fix. While true, if you know what causes you to fail a smog emissions test, you can save yourself plenty of time and money. Therefore, if you fail the emissions test, you need to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic.

Oil and filter change: Often, if you fail the test, it is the result of not changing the oil. New cars have computers, and it will often throw up an error if you have not changed the oil for thousands of miles. Fortunately, if you take your car in for an oil change you can easily pass and get back on the road quickly. Then, if your car doesn’t have any other obvious problems, you can take it back for a retest and watch as your car pass with flying colors. Many shops are equipped to perform the emissions test there on the spot, this ensures the error is corrected.

Exhaust leaks: If you own an older automobile that has been through rough times, you will need to check out the exhaust. After a few long winters, or extremely hot summers, your car will likely need some exhaust repairs. When you’re dealing with exhaust issues, you will watch as your car struggles to pass smog. This is not an easy fix if you are not well-versed in working on cars. On the other hand, if you have an exhaust leak, you can take your car in and pay a mechanic who can fix the problem quickly. When doing so, you will improve your chances of passing a smog test. Of course, you will also enjoy better fuel economy and more power as your vehicle will perform at a higher level.

Internal engine leaks in your vehicle: Newer cars are complicated, one leak in your fuel pump or other parts of your cars engine can cause you to fail the emissions test as well. Since this is more difficult to fix, you should not attempt to do this on your own. To get to the bottom of this issue, take your car in for a complete diagnostic with a qualified mechanic who can look at your fuel pump and determine any issues. Of course, if your gas mileage is slipping and you smell some fuel in your car, you probably are dealing with a leak. However, once you take your car to a professioanl, not only will you rid your vehicle of the fuel smell, but your fuel economy will increase.

Above all else, if you fail an emissions test, you need to take your car to Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair. When doing so, you will resolve your issue, pass the smog test and riding with peace of mind for the next year.