Balance Shaft Problem

Common Mercedes-Benz M272 Engine Trouble

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The Mercedes-Benz M272 engine is a V6 introduced in 2004 and used throughout the 00’s. There are a few aspects that set it apart from it’s predecessors. With this engine, for the first time, continuous variable valve timing was implemented, as well as electronic control of coolant flow (replacing a mechanical thermostat). Similar to the M112 engine, it also uses a balance shaft installed between the cylinder banks in the engine block to eliminate vibrations.

Balance Shaft Problem

The Most Common Problem with Mercedes-Benz Engines

Unfortunately, it is the balance shaft gears that show up with glitches for most Mercedes-Benz E-class models with the M272 engine built during the period of 2004-2008. This is by far one of the most common problems with Mercedes-Benz models, including E25, E30, and E35. When the balance shaft gears start failing, you’ll probably hear a puttering sound – always a tell-tale sign of engine troubles.

The specific culprit for this problem is usually a prematurely worn sprocket. There was even a class action lawsuit filed against the car company, which claimed that Mercedes-Benz was making the engines on these models with defective gears, according to Caroline Simson of Law360. However, Mercedes-Benz would not admit to any misconduct in the suit. Unfortunately, if you find yourself with this problem, you can’t expect any help from Mercedes-Benz, as the affected models are out of warranty.

Cost Prevention Measures

To prevent this problem, before you purchase a Mercedes-Benz model with the M272 engine, check with an extended warranty company to see if they can cover the expense if the balance shaft should fail. It is quite an expensive fix that requires professional work, so make sure you cover your bases before you invest in one of these affected models.

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What to Do if You Find Yourself with a Faulty Balance Shaft Gear

It can be very difficult to tell when there is a problem with your balance shaft gear yourself, especially if you don’t know much of anything about cars or if you’re a novice mechanic. It’s best to take your car to a professional so they can have a look and make a diagnosis. They will use a borescope to look at your car’s innards and can quickly determine what’s wrong. Experienced mechanics recommend getting the balance shaft gears checked with every oil change when you hit over 50,000 miles.

This is not a fix you can do yourself. A qualified auto repair shop with the right technical knowledge will need to handle it. In fact, since this is the most common problem with certain Mercedes-Benz models, it is more than likely that an experienced car repair shop will have seen it and dealt with it on numerous occasions.

Don’t put this complicated problem in the wrong hands. You need a dependable shop that has the right know-how in order to fix the problem and make the necessary repairs. If you’re experiencing any kind of engine trouble at all with your Mercedes-Benz, call on Desert Oasis Auto Repair to schedule your appointment.