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Steps to Take to Diagnose a Land Rover’s Check Engine Light

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You’re driving your Land Rover and everything seems fine until all of a sudden the “check engine” light comes on. The first thing to remember when dealing with check engine light problems is to stay calm and to avoid panicking. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on what to do in case you ever need to deal with check engine light problems. The most common problems to look for will be discussed to ensure that you can resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible before being forced to take your Land Rover into an auto repair shop. Check Engine Light Problems One best practice is to check for the most simple “check engine” problems that could be easily fixed without much effort. For instance, one very common and simple issue is a loose gas cap. Sometimes, when drivers are in a hurry to pump gas, they may …

Automotive Air Conditioners

Range Rover AC Not Working

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Air Conditioner Problems with Range Rovers Range Rovers are well known worldwide as luxurious four-wheel drive automobiles that have vast capabilities on all types of road terrain. It’s desired by car enthusiasts who seek the thrill of driving on all terrain but also embody comfort and class. Land Rover, the British Company that produces the Range Rovers, has released a number of different models with it currently being in its fourth generation of Range Rovers. Drivers have complained about various problems: one of which are AC breakdowns. Two, common causes for the AC to break in your Range Rover According to Range Rover car owners review online, the Range Rover L322 has the most AC breakdowns. 1. Owners complain that the air conditioning works well for half an hour, then the amount of airflow decreases. The fans sound like they are working just fine, but there is no cool air coming …

Common Repairs on Range Rover Steering and Suspension Systems

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Two of the hallmark features (and notorious repairs) of the famed Range Rover are its unique steering and suspension systems. The steering system helps the driver use headlights, windshield washers, the horn, the ignition switch, the cruise control, and the radio. The suspension system’s design gives the driver a comfortable ride. In a suspension system, the most important parts are the axles, the wheels, and the braking system. Range Rover drivers share certain complaints about these steering and suspension systems.  Let’s take a closer look at these issues: Electronic Steering Motor Failure First, drivers of Ranger Rovers are saying that the electronic motor doesn’t operate the right way. Many of the electric motor problems occur between the steering column and the steering box. Drivers say the tilt adjusting steering wheel column locks in the Up or Down mode. For example, the driver presses a button to tilt the steering wheel and it traps the …

Why Is My Land Rover Overheating?

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One of the most prevalent problems experienced by Land Rover owners is an overheated engine. As most people know, overheating can cause major engine damage. If you notice that the temperature gauge is steadily approaching the red zone, it is critical that you cease driving your Land Rover until the issue has been properly fixed. Here are some of the common reasons why a Land Rover will overheat.   Low coolant level A low coolant level will certainly cause your Land Rover’s engine to overheat. Although refilling the coolant reservoir will temporarily fix the problem, it is not an effective long-term solution. A low coolant level typically indicates a leak in the cooling system. After parking the vehicle, you may find puddles of coolant underneath the vehicle. If the leak is not properly repaired, the problem will only grow worse over time. Inoperative fan In order to prevent the engine …