Pro’s and Con’s of Luxury Cars

Since Henry Ford started mass-producing automobiles in the early 1900s, people have been passionate about their vehicles. As automation and assembly lines became more popular, they led to mass production of more than just domestic automobile brands like Ford and … Continue reading

Land Rover Problems

Although Land Rovers are popular, they are not without their share of problems. In fact, Land Rovers have been the subject of many recalls, investigations and complaints. Here are the 6 most common Land Rover problems. Continue reading

Las Vegas Auto Repair Shop Celebrates Anniversary

To demonstrate customer appreciation, Desert Oasis is sponsoring an anniversary contest on now through November 9th in celebration of its 13th year in the luxury auto repair business! Over a decade ago, Desert Oasis European Auto Repair & Service opened with just … Continue reading

Auto Repair Trends 2015

Auto Repair Trends in 2015 From the fin-shaped taillights or whitewall tires of yesteryear to the modern, turbocharged SUVs and infotainment systems of today, automotive trends have changed drastically over the years.   Trends continue to evolve in 2015. While there are several … Continue reading

BBQue for the Cure!

Pigs for the Kids Fundraiser: BB ‘Que for the Cure Desert Oasis European Auto Repair Shop is helping to spread word about an upcoming charity event here in Las Vegas, NV called Pigs for the Kids to raise funds for three … Continue reading

My Car’s Service History

Desert Oasis is constantly exploring cutting edge of technology in all facets of its business, from the newest auto repair equipment to streamlining office process by eliminating paper forms altogether. Most recently, Desert Oasis adapted the Carfax Management System, enabling our … Continue reading

My Car Brakes Are Making A Grinding Noise. What should I do?

Most drivers cringe when they stomp on the brakes of their prized European automobile and hear an unexpected grinding noise. While this sound is clearly unwanted, it is not rare. Hearing grinding noises when using your brakes can, and normally … Continue reading