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Why is My BMW’s A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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100+ degree weather is hitting the Las Vegas valley again. The luxury of our car’s air-conditioning will be working overtime. A/C is an amazing component of our European vehicle. When the blower is cranking out the cool air we are on easy street and haven’t a care in the world. But flip on the thermostat fan to get hit with hot dry air that refuses to cool down, man, this can really ruin your day!

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What Gives BMW Series 7 Such a Bad Rap?

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Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the BMW Series 7 line of automobiles has been critically panned across the board. Luckily, BMW’s newest iterations of Series 7 models for 2016 are far and away surpassing their predecessors. BMW has continually tweaked some features and upgraded others to please customers and car aficionados.

What Does a Blinking Check Engine Light Mean on a BMW?

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After spending a small fortune on a BMW, the last thing you want is to encounter malfunctions and issues. Unfortunately, no matter how well you care for your beloved vehicle, there is always the possibility that you will run into problems. Fortunately, most BMW dashboards come with a set of indicators that light up when an issue or malfunction is detected. One example of such an indicator is the check engine light. If the check engine light of your BMW is blinking, here is some information about what this may indicate. What Does a Blinking Check Engine Light Mean? Obviously, if the check engine light is on, there is likely an issue with the engine of your BMW. What’s less obvious and more tricky is figuring out the problem that caused the indicator to illuminate in the first place. This is especially true considering that many different issues with different …

The Top 5 Most Common BMW Problems and Repairs

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As consumers, it is imperative that we are careful about our purchases. This is especially true when we’re looking at products with larger ticket prices like luxury cars. Unfortunately, even as careful as we are, problems arise.   Are you in the market for a new car? Have you been looking into luxury vehicles, like BMWs? If so, you should know about the cost of owning this brand of automobile as well as some of the common BMW problems and repairs that vehicle owners face. The Cost of Owning a BMW When considering the cost of a vehicle, many car buyers simply look at the sticker price. The fact of the matter is, though, that owning a car means you’ll pay a lot more than the sticker price. Some expenses to take into consideration: License fees Taxes Insurance Registration fees Fuel costs Interest on financing Maintenance fees Repairs Taking these …