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A Quick History of the BMW

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Everybody knows BMWs come from Germany, but how much more do you know about the company? Here are some quick facts about this famous brand and its cars. BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werks” or Bavarian Motor Works. The company was founded in 1917 and is heavyhearted in Munich. BMW also owns and produces Minis. The company came into being after the restructuring of an aircraft manufacturer, Rapp Motorenwerke, in 1917. When WWI ended in 1918, the Versailles Treaty meant BMW was forced to stop producing aircraft engines, and turned to motorcycle production, followed by automobiles in 1928. The first car BMW produced was called the “Dixi.” In Vegas and need some TLC for your Beemer? Check out Desert Oasis Auto Repair.

The sleek and sophisticated Mercedes

Mercedes to Introduce New Wrong-Way Warning Service

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Auto-maker Mercedes has long been at the cutting edge of new vehicle technology. Their next big innovation: a wrong-way warning system. Digitaltrends.com has an article here describing this new system, which uses a camera to monitor and recognize traffic signs. You might not notice the sign telling you that you’re going the wrong way on a one-way street, but this camera will — and it will alert you. If you’ve ever turned left onto a one-way only to realize you’re heading straight into traffic, you know how frightening that can be. A system like this really has the potential to save lives, so let’s hope things like this will one day become standard and fully integrated with systems like Google Maps! Does your automobile need service? Contact Desert Oasis Las Vegas for assistance from a professional.

The popular Volkswagen

New Volkswagen to Debut in Early March

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Volkswagen! From unfortunate origins as a Third Reich innovation to hippy wagon in a matter of a generation, these flower-wagons are nothing if not iconic. Few brands are as quirky and indelible. And now there’s a new bug coming in early March of 2013! Check it out. Called the Golf R Cabriolet, apparently it’s good on ice (per the image in the article linked above). Hey, you could make a VW martini! Extra dry. Like our sense of humor. Contact Desert Oasis Auto Repair for all the help you need.

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LCDs Out of BMW’s? Vehicles with Projection Displays

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LCD touchscreens took the world by storm in the 00s, but they may already be going the way of the tape deck! “WHAT?!,” you say? “But I just bought a late model Beemer with one of these screens, and it’s hot!” Well according to this CNET article, rear projection may be the wave of the future, at least if Texas Instruments gets its way. No surprise, it’s about size, which is appropriate for a company named after a state where everything’s bigger. The projection appears on the dashboard, which is touch-sensitive. Coming to a luxury car near you soon? We’ll see if it sticks. In the meantime, check out Desert Oasis Auto Repair on Rainbow Boulevard! We service most European models. Give us a call at 702.255.4090.

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Audi Working Towards Solar-powered Methane Production

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Audi is using technology from SolarFuel, a German based company, in an effort to create a renewable source of methane. The process takes advantage of one of the biggest drawbacks to renewable energy – its lack of consistency. For example, energy generated from wind power is useful during the day, but that energy is wasted at night when nothing is on. SolarFuel’s approach harnesses this excess energy, and turns it into methane – an energy that can be stored and used at a later time. Using solar and wind power, Audi’s new plant will create methane out of water and carbon dioxide. The company claims that it will produce enough natural gas to power 1,500 cars within the year. The plant brings Germany one step closer to meeting its ambitious goal of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. Audi has slated their natural-gas vehicles to hit …

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Audi Testing Driverless Cars in Nevada

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If you are traveling down the I-15 near Las Vegas and get passed by a car with no driver, don’t panic. It’s just Audi testing its newest laser sensor. The device is so small, about the size of your fist, that you might not recognize your lane mate as an autonomous car until you peer in the window. Unlike the giant, roof-mounted devices of the past, the new Audi laser system fits inside the grill, and has the ability to sense its surroundings and make evasive maneuvers. Audi is currently testing them in parking garages on the Strip. Automotive professionals have a lot to keep up with, but one thing they’ll see a lot less of are accidents. The swiftly growing autonomous features in cars from the likes of Audi and Toyota, will significantly increase safety on the roads, while decreasing pollution. How would you feel about your car driving …

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BMW To Introduce LTE Wi-Fi For Cars

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Wi-Fi in cars isn’t a new trend. Audi and Ford, among other car companies, already offer internet “hot spots” in some of their newer model vehicles. Most recently, BMW has jumped on this connectivity bandwagon, but in a better and more improved way. Rather than equipping the car with Wi-Fi straight from the dealership, BMW will offer an LTE adapter with its newer model cars. The adapter will come with a phone cradle dock and will sit in the center console of the car. Passengers will be able to connect their phones and tablets to the Wi-Fi hotspot and get internet at LTE speeds, something that hasn’t been done in a car before. Worried about other drivers stealing your internet? With BMW’s LTE connection, there will be an 8-digit password for the Wi-Fi, preventing others on the road from connecting to your hotspot. The device will also allow for Near …

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A Larger VW Polo DOES Exist!

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Most VW enthusiasts have only known the Polo as the small Volkswagen. It’s considered the supermini car of the European market. Recently, however, a larger version of the Polo has been seen roaming the streets of Singapore… The CrossPolo, which looks like an angrier version of its tiny counterpart, looks like it could provide the driver with some serious off-road action. In reality, the car isn’t designed to go off-road, leading many VW drivers to wonder what the SUV crossover is all about. With the roof rack attached, the CrossPolo is able to carry loads of up to 165 lbs. As for the engine, this beastly Polo/SUV holds a 1.2 TSI engine, same as the Polo Sport. It has a break horsepower (BHP) of 105, and is slightly taller than the Polo, making it more comfortable to include passengers and a better ride for taller drivers. Although the two cars …

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Glimpsing the Future: The 2017 Audi R20

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Automobile Magazine compares the 2017 Audi R20 Supercar to the Bugatti Veyron and the not-yet released Porsche918 Spyder, saying that it will reinvigorate the Audi sportscar name. Keep in mind that these are reports – who knows what fun extras or technological advances will be added by its release? But, the reports sound pretty exciting; from the gullwing doors, to the Mercedes-like active contour seats, to the diesel hybrid engine, this little number will be all sport. Reports are also indicating that the R20 will have cameras embedded to provide a surround-view system of the outside. What does this mean? Check out the sleek design – there are no door mirrors. Backing up should be a dream. But, when you can hit speeds of 100-120 with no stability issues, who’s going to be doing much backing up? Aficionados are saying that this concept could indeed help Audi reach its aggressive …

A car that looks punk

Cars Gone Wild: 4 Wacky European Autos

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We all love our cars. And in many occasions, we consider our cars to be like a cherished pet or even like a member of our family. Perhaps this is why no matter how many times friends and family may try to persuade us otherwise, we simply fail to see how ugly, cheap or old our car looks. Thus, in celebration of our occasional blind love for a hideous clunker, we’ve round up a list of the weirdest cars on the road. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that they’re original! The Kewet Buddy From Norway, or perhaps from the remains of an explosion involving a normal-sized car, comes the Kewet Buddy. This “widdle” toy-of-a-car does come with the advantage of being electric, but Lord help you if you’re in a car accident with anything bigger than a rabbit or need to get somewhere quickly and require this …