What’s in an Audi? A Quick and Dirty Primer

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What’s in an Audi? That depends on who’s driving it. Ha! Sorry. Actually there’s a lot of corporate intelligence and German engineering know-how┬áin an Audi. Here’s a quick and dirty primer of this world-class German manufacturer. What’s in a Name? The name “Audi” is based on the last name of the company’s founder: August Horch. “Horch” auf Deutsch means “to listen,” which, when translated into Latin, becomes Audi. Fun fact! German Sloganeering Audi’s company slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik,” translated as “Advancement through Technology.” In the United States, where “advancement” might not play as well for political reasons, the company slogan is “Truth in Engineering.” Big 3 Audi is considered one of the German Big 3 luxury automobile manufacturers – the others are BMW and Mercedes-Benz. These three companies are the best-selling luxury car companies in the world, and all hail aus Deutschland. The Germans know how to make cars. …

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Audi Working Towards Solar-powered Methane Production

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Audi is using technology from SolarFuel, a German based company, in an effort to create a renewable source of methane. The process takes advantage of one of the biggest drawbacks to renewable energy – its lack of consistency. For example, energy generated from wind power is useful during the day, but that energy is wasted at night when nothing is on. SolarFuel’s approach harnesses this excess energy, and turns it into methane – an energy that can be stored and used at a later time. Using solar and wind power, Audi’s new plant will create methane out of water and carbon dioxide. The company claims that it will produce enough natural gas to power 1,500 cars within the year. The plant brings Germany one step closer to meeting its ambitious goal of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. Audi has slated their natural-gas vehicles to hit …

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Audi Testing Driverless Cars in Nevada

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If you are traveling down the I-15 near Las Vegas and get passed by a car with no driver, don’t panic. It’s just Audi testing its newest laser sensor. The device is so small, about the size of your fist, that you might not recognize your lane mate as an autonomous car until you peer in the window. Unlike the giant, roof-mounted devices of the past, the new Audi laser system fits inside the grill, and has the ability to sense its surroundings and make evasive maneuvers. Audi is currently testing them in parking garages on the Strip. Automotive professionals have a lot to keep up with, but one thing they’ll see a lot less of are accidents. The swiftly growing autonomous features in cars from the likes of Audi and Toyota, will significantly increase safety on the roads, while decreasing pollution. How would you feel about your car driving …