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Overheating Engine

Audi and VW Radiators Overheating

The radiator is a critical part of any water-cooled engine. It serves as the heat exchanger between the engine and the environment. It works by cooling the water that has been heated while circulating in the engine’s water jacket. The

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Fix a dead battery

Why Is My Audi A4 Battery Drained?

For years, Audi has developed some of most praiseworthy vehicles on the market. Whether you own an Audi A4 sedan or an Audi TT sports coupe, you can expect your vehicle to deliver a very entertaining driving experience. If your

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Tips to Make Your Audi Last Longer

Today’s economy can make vehicle ownership more challenging than ever, but fortunately, there are several ways that smart consumers can protect the investment that they’ve made in their Audi. Of course, First and foremost is to develop a good relationship

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Why Audi Wants To Change Headlights

Wondering if your service repair shop in Las Vegas will offer those new Audi headlights you’ve been hearing about? These “variable settings” for headlights might take longer than the German luxury automaker is hoping for. Variable Setting Headlights Explained A variable

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What’s in an Audi? A Quick and Dirty Primer

What’s in an Audi? That depends on who’s driving it. Ha! Sorry. Actually there’s a lot of corporate intelligence and German engineering know-how in an Audi. Here’s a quick and dirty primer of this world-class German manufacturer. What’s in a Name?

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