5 Surprising Things Your Car Wants You To Know

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A Letter From Your Car To You

Dear Human,

There are a few things that car owners do that just irritate the tires right off of us cars! We want to tell you once and for all….

Speaking of tires, let’s start there.

How often do you check your tires and the tread? Do you have any idea what happens when you don’t have enough tread? I thought not!
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Tires need that tread to keep you on the road!  Add a little water, and you might as well be driving on an ice rink.  Believe me, Vegas drivers, it shows.  You guys and gals CANNOT drive in the rain.  It’s like you’ve never seen the stuff before.

But back to tires without tread: they have no protection from road hazards and any little thing can put a hole in the tire!  Even a little screw. So put tires on the calendar for a regular pedicure.European oil change

Next up, oil checks and changes! Yes, it can get expensive to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. If you think that’s expensive, consider the cost if your engine seized up because the oil was left in the car so long it turned to sludge!  Engines need clean oil and the proper amount to keep all parts moving.

Keeping the oil in good shape can also help increase the fuel mileage just by making it easier for your engine to operate!

Now, Let’s talk Manufacturers’ Recommended Maintenance.

Remember that glossy, thick booklet that comes in the glove compartment of each and every new car?   It’s basically like a caring mother leaving detailed notes for the babysitter on how to tuck her toddler into bed!  This manual tells you when exactly when and what maintenance your car needs. Think of this valuable resource as your “How to Keep your Car Rolling when Everyone Else’s Ride is a Rile of Bolts”.
Have our belts, hoses, filters, wiring systems, etc. assessed by auto repair technicians, and fixed before we self-destruct, please?
Prevention is the key to keep you on the road a lot longer and far away from the belly of  a tow truck.
Plus, cheapskates, routine car maintenance saves you money over the long-term.

Attention Abused Brakes

Another thing that makes us pout in the garage all day is having our brakes stomped on at every red light.  Why do you race on your way to work? It’s not necessary.  Further, you needn’t press your entire body weight into the pedal so abruptly.
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Slow down a little sooner and go gentle on the brakes.  Pretend your grandmother is in the car holding a cup of tea.
Next, stop resting your foot on the brake pedal.  Most of us aren’t race cars nor are you anywhere near a race-car driver.

Lastly, when coasting downhill, use a lower gear not your brakes to control your speed. The nicer you are to your brakes, the longer the pads last saving you money!

Looks Do Matter

Much like their drivers, most cars are a little vain.  We like to look good.  Take us to get a wash and wax every so often.  When you leave dirt, grime and bird poop on us for months at a time, it destroys the auto paint, allowing rust to begin.
picture of a car close up
Not only does that look awful, it blows any hope for a decent resale value.  That goes for the 3-month old French fries under the seat as well…
Many thanks for your sincere carsideration!
Your Car