Car Repair? Always More to Learn

Our brilliant mechanics, Joe and Alex, extended their knowledge base through a special continuing education course for BWMs. Earlier this month, our car repair technicians attended Luxury Motor Vehicle Information Systems (LMVIND) Training Seminar in San Diego, CA. The workshop was designed to enhance performance and drivability of new BMWs. This national education seminar draws mechanics from all over the US, where they meet, discuss common car problems and concerns found in newer BMW models.

They receive the latest BMW information and technical service insight directly from the car manufacturer. This special access to manufacture services manuals and ISTA technical applications give our staff a leg up on any other Las Vegas European auto repair shop. The emphasis on continuing education is another reason why Desert Oasis Uto Repair is the best choice in service and technology for your luxury car. You can feel confident assigning your BMW’s repair work to Desert Oasis. Call now to schedule service for your BMW with either Joe or Alex at 702-255-4090

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