Car Care

Sometimes your car just needs a little bit of TLC. When your window and door seals start to get old, when your seats need a quick cleaning, and your times being to go bald and need replaced. All of this is part of car care, and Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair can help you fix, clean, and replace all of these basic, and very important, details.

  • Window SealsDoor and Window Seals: You may think there’s no need to worry about your door and window seals—until rainwater starts leaking through. Once you notice the problem, assess this immediately. Small leaks can be easily fixed by brushing on seam-sealer. If you are unsure of the problem, bring it to your mechanic’s attention. You can also take preventative measures by applying some Armor-All or silicone on your door and window weatherstripping. This will lessen the likelihood of sticking during extreme hot & cold weather conditions that may lead to severe problems later. We don’t recommend using an oil-based product such as WD-40, because oil will damage the rubber.


  • Leather SeatsLeather Seats: Your leather interior needs a little TLC too! Keep your interior presentable for your passengers by cleaning and conditioning 2-3 times a year, depending on your car’s lifestyle. Light colored leather may require more frequent cleaning. Dirt and oil form your skin are the two leading causes to leather damage. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off any light dirt or dust. For heavily soiled leather seats, use an interior detailing brush, a little soap, and water. After you clean and rinse, don’t forget to condition! It’s a very important step you can’t skip, because leather tends to crack when you live in dry places. Remember, you paid more for leather seats…why wouldn’t you want to take care of them?


  • TireTires: Your tires are the only things separating you from the finish line. Ever wonder why the pit crew in the Indy Races immediately change all tires when the driver comes in for a pit stop? The team cannot afford to lose the race if the driver blows a tire; just like you can’t afford you and your family’s safety when you’re on that road trip. That’s why it’s important to properly maintain them. Most experts recommend rotating your tires every other oil change or every 6,000 to 10,000 miles. Tire rotations will help even tire wear and reduce the tire tread depth resulting in longer tire life and money saved on tire replacements.


  • Engine IdlingEngine Idling: You’ve heard people say it’s good to warm up your engine before you drive. With today’s car engines, you only need 30 seconds before driving off. Excessive idling can cause damage to your engine. Next time at the drive thru, try turning your car off when you’re waiting. For every 2 minutes your car idles, it consumes enough gas to get you a mile somewhere. On average, people idle their cars five to ten minutes. Think of how much gas and energy you’ll save by just turning off your engine.