sad woman in her car with no air conditioning

Why is My BMW’s A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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100+ degree weather is hitting the Las Vegas valley again. The luxury of our car’s air-conditioning will be working overtime. A/C is an amazing component of our European vehicle. When the blower is cranking out the cool air we are on easy street and haven’t a care in the world. But flip on the thermostat fan to get hit with hot dry air that refuses to cool down, man, this can really ruin your day!

sad woman in her car with no air conditioning

Your air-conditioning system may be low on refrigerant. The service of evacuating and recharging this system may be all that is needed to get that air blowing cold from the vents in your BMW. A BMW repair shop may put a UV dye in the refrigerant to see if the A/C system has any visible leaks. A car’s A/C problems may come from a leak on one of the hoses, sensors, compressor, or condenser. If the leak is small it may take a full summer or more before the refrigerant leaks out causing warm air to blow from vents. The recharging of the system may seem to be a long-term fix at a minimum cost. This, however, only works occasionally as a permanent fix. It is used as a way for your trained technician to diagnose where the problem lies.

The door flaps to the venting system can also be a cause of the hot air blowing from the vents. These flaps become stuck or may break. It also could be the control modules themselves. These flaps, or doors, switch between heat and air-conditioning features in your vehicle. If one breaks or becomes stuck it can mean sauna heat for passengers. If the pressure drops in the refrigerant, as sometimes it does with the BMW’s, it will keep the flaps from switching position to cool air. When this happens the recharging of the A/C will fix the issue by returning refrigerant (or Freon) to it’s proper pressure.

Your car not blowing cold air is an issue to leave to the experts in the automotive field. These systems, especially in BMW and other European makers, are exclusive. When components in the A/C systems fail on these European cars, you should always consult a trained professional in your vehicle’s make to ensure you get the integrity, warranty, and know-how to repair the problems.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area, contact Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair for your BMW A/C repairs.

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