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Is 1 of These 4 Problems Why Your Car Stalled While Driving?

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One day, you’re on your way to work or out doing errands, and your car has died while driving and refuses to restart. Find out why this might have happened and what you may be able to do to get it back on the road again. The Top Reasons Why Your Car May Have Died While Driving 1. No Fuel. Seems obvious, but it happens. Either you’ve forgotten to fill up the tank and now you’ve run out, or there could be a problem with the fuel injector. Try putting a gallon or two of fuel in the car. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a clogged fuel injector or faulty fuel pump, and that’s going to need replacing. 2. Bad Alternator. Alternators charge the battery and power the electrical system when the car is running. Therefore, a faulty alternator equals no power. Although it is a simple component with only …

Did You Know? 12 Surprisingly Awesome Facts About BMW

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When researching an automobile to buy, it’s really easy to get caught up in the sticker price, extra fees, maintenance recommendations, and page after page of buyer reviews on the internet. All of this research is totally worthwhile, but we thought it might be kind of fun to deviate a little bit today.   That is why we decided to share with you some interesting facts about BMW that not many people know. In fact, there were a few here that surprised even us! We hope this will give you a nice little break from all of the “serious” car research you have to do and give you some insight into the background of the car company you’re interested in buying from. 12 Surprisingly Awesome Facts About BMW You Probably Didn’t Know While there are many interesting facts about BMW that we could go into, today we’re going to share …

4 Steps: What to Do When Your Car Dies While You’re Driving

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There’s nothing quite as heart pounding as when your car starts giving you trouble while you’re driving in traffic. Why does such a thing happen? And what steps can you take if your car dies while you’re driving it? 5 Reasons Why Your Car Dies While Driving Being out of fuel. It happens to the best of us. If this keeps happening to you, though, you may want to have someone take a look at your fuel gauge as it could be giving you a false reading. Alternator issues. When there is something wrong with the alternator, the car runs off of the battery. The battery can only run for so long before it’s completely drained. Malfunctioning ignition switch. When the ignition switch is worn down, there can be a loss of power to the engine because of vibration like hitting a rough patch of road. This loss of power …

5 Key Essential Steps to Effectively Choose an Auto Repair Shop

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One of the worst problems for a vehicle owner is dealing with repairs. They can come at the worst time, put people in a bad situation, and also be expensive and time-consuming. However, there are some ways a vehicle owner can minimize the stress involved with vehicle repairs.   Someone who is in need of car repairs can make their life so much easier by simply asking the right questions. A smart vehicle owner will want to be prepared for the worst case scenario just so they know what to do when the time comes. Here are some important things to keep in mind when dealing with auto repairs. Ask friends and family members where to go. There’s a good chance a close friend or relative has dealt with similar vehicle issues in the past, and someone has probably found a quality auto repair shop that offers fair prices and …

The Top 5 Most Common BMW Problems and Repairs

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As consumers, it is imperative that we are careful about our purchases. This is especially true when we’re looking at products with larger ticket prices like luxury cars. Unfortunately, even as careful as we are, problems arise.   Are you in the market for a new car? Have you been looking into luxury vehicles, like BMWs? If so, you should know about the cost of owning this brand of automobile as well as some of the common BMW problems and repairs that vehicle owners face. The Cost of Owning a BMW When considering the cost of a vehicle, many car buyers simply look at the sticker price. The fact of the matter is, though, that owning a car means you’ll pay a lot more than the sticker price. Some expenses to take into consideration: License fees Taxes Insurance Registration fees Fuel costs Interest on financing Maintenance fees Repairs Taking these …

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What You Need to Know For Your Car’s Maintenance Costs

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A car’s maintenance cycle comes around usually every 30,000 miles, but unless a driver has been saving up over the time between the last maintenance cycle and this one, it can make a significant dent in his or her pocket.  Scheduled maintenance and repair costs can cost quite a lot, depending on the type of vehicle and how long since its last maintenance visit. That’s why the people at Desert Oasis are offering financing to deal with those regular maintenance cycles that you need to undergo to keep your car running in the best shape of its life. It’s More than a Tune Up Wear and tear happen on all vehicles, and the engine and body of a car deals with this problem on a daily basis. The vehicles onboard system can remind you it needs TLC. Understanding this makes it easy to see why every so often the entire vehicle …

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6 Common Porsche Repair Problems You Need to Consider Today

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When you fork out money on a high-end luxury vehicle like a Porsche, no one tells you about the number one spending habit you’ll have for as long as you own it – Porsche Repair. All vehicle owners, from the person who has a twenty-year jalopy to the guy who takes care of his five-star Maserati, knows that the number one money sink they have to deal with repairs. Common Porsche Repair Problems Some of the more common repair problems Porsche vehicles encounter are: 1. Check Engine Light: The OBD system is present in many vehicles and is an excellent early-warning system to prevent running an engine that is experiencing a problem. Although the light is a scary thing to see lit up, it just means that the OBD sensor has detected a problem within the vehicle and you should probably stop driving for the time being until you figure out …

Balance Shaft Problem

Common Mercedes-Benz M272 Engine Trouble

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The Mercedes-Benz M272 engine is a V6 introduced in 2004 and used throughout the 00’s. There are a few aspects that set it apart from it’s predecessors. With this engine, for the first time, continuous variable valve timing was implemented, as well as electronic control of coolant flow (replacing a mechanical thermostat). Similar to the M112 engine, it also uses a balance shaft installed between the cylinder banks in the engine block to eliminate vibrations. The Most Common Problem with Mercedes-Benz Engines Unfortunately, it is the balance shaft gears that show up with glitches for most Mercedes-Benz E-class models with the M272 engine built during the period of 2004-2008. This is by far one of the most common problems with Mercedes-Benz models, including E25, E30, and E35. When the balance shaft gears start failing, you’ll probably hear a puttering sound – always a tell-tale sign of engine troubles. The specific …

Pro’s and Con’s of Luxury Cars

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Since Henry Ford started mass-producing automobiles in the early 1900s, people have been passionate about their vehicles. As automation and assembly lines became more popular, they led to mass production of more than just domestic automobile brands like Ford and GM, but also to luxury brands like BMW, Audi and VW. These luxury brands have created their own niche in the North American automotive market, and as a result, have drastically grown in popularity. There are many things about luxury brands that people love, but there are also some pitfalls that need to be understood about luxury automobiles. Here are some of the pros and cons of owning luxury cars, SUVs and trucks. What Makes a Car “Luxury” Car owners have their own personal reasons for loving a particular make or model of car, but there are numerous things that luxury cars have that set them apart from other brands. …

7 Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

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The dashboard on your vehicle is the information center where you can see the vehicle’s performance.  Indicator lights provide you with warnings when there is a problem and are triggered by the central computer on your vehicle. Most of the indicator lights are illuminated briefly when you start the vehicle but go out within seconds. Regardless of you car’s make or model, many warning lights are relatively universal, so a Check Engine light is going to look the same on a Buick as an Audi. The following are some of the most common warning lights and what they mean. Airbag The airbag indicator lights up when the car is started and goes out a few seconds later. Should this light come on or stay on, it could mean that there is a fault in the airbag system, and vehicle’s computer has issued a code that will determine the fix. A …