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Balance Shaft Problem

Common Mercedes-Benz M272 Engine Trouble

The Mercedes-Benz M272 engine is a V6 introduced in 2004 and used throughout the 00’s. There are a few aspects that set it apart from it’s predecessors. With this engine, for the first time, continuous variable valve timing was implemented,

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Pro’s and Con’s of Luxury Cars

Since Henry Ford started mass-producing automobiles in the early 1900s, people have been passionate about their vehicles. As automation and assembly lines became more popular, they led to mass production of more than just domestic automobile brands like Ford and

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7 Warning Lights on Your Car’s Dashboard

The dashboard on your vehicle is the information center where you can see the vehicle’s performance.  Indicator lights provide you with warnings when there is a problem and are triggered by the central computer on your vehicle. Most of the

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Time to Top Off Your Oil Level

Your car can run like a well-oiled machine We all know how important regular car maintenance is in extending the life of our cars. It’s not enough to just take care of the outside of the car. Your first instinct may be

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Compare Auto Repair Shops

Las Vegas Auto Repair Shops Compared Choosing the best repair shop in Las Vegas can be difficult. How do you decide? Let’s examine Desert Oasis Auto Repair against Ted Wiens; two of better-known repair shops in Las Vegas. Company Introductions

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