2012 volkswagen beetle

The New VW Beetle: Good Or Bad?

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In 2010, VW announced that their beloved “Beetle” would be making a design shift. Edging away from the girly stigma that’s often attached to these cars, designers at VW attempted to make the car sleeker and and less round. The new design resulted in a lower roof line, more stripes, and a few retro features. But some VW enthusiasts aren’t too thrilled with the change. The new Beetle, which hits car lots at a whopping $28,000, has left some drivers wondering what’s up. The price drop is said to have an effect on male buyers; enticing them with a lower price might be the way to shed the Beetle’s girly reputation. Reducing the price makes the car more accessible. But the features of the newer Beetle are sleeker and better designed. The rounded top, for instance, isn’t so exaggerated, creating more head space in the back seats and allowing for …


Five Most Expensive European Cars

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Owning a European luxury car isn’t for the faint of heart. These babies will set a car lover back hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions, of dollars! Here are just five of some of the most expensive European cars available right now. 1. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – $1.8 million 2. Rolls Royce Phantom – $460,000 3. Lamborghini Aventador – $280,000 4. Mercedes Benz G-Class AMG – $265,000 5. Aston Martin Vanquish – $253,000   Need to get your Jaguar repaired? Contact Desert Oasis Auto Repair today!

porsche cayenne

Introducing the World’s First Urban-Assault Luxury Car

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You probably don’t want to cut off this car with your SUV. An unnamed Porsche Cayenne owner commissioned his car to be upgraded with not only the standard state-of-the-art bullet proof shielding but went that extra mile adding some much needed firepower. Two forward mounted semi-auto M16s clear traffic with ease while one in the rear keeps the bad guys from tailgating. For those larger targets, the twin grenade launchers let’s low flying planes and helicopters know who is boss. The vehicle cost a surprisingly affordable $160,000 but is probably not street legal in the US. In fact, the car’s owner lives in Eastern Europe where perhaps such armored additions have some use in his daily commute or at the very least attracts a particular type of girl.


Steering Clear with New Steering Wheel Technology

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Ever had to look over or around your steering wheel to see vital dashboard information?  Ever think your steering wheel could convey optimal driving data where your eyes can see it best? Advanced auto maker BMW has created a new steering wheel that is designed to show these things and more on the steering wheel’s own LED display screen. Closer to the eye and in clear view, BMW’s 3 Series has presented these highly innovative features to its customers. The display screen rests at the top of the steering wheel and can be programed to show optimal shifting times, engine temperature, fuel consumption and even a stop watch. Is this the steering wheel technological jump you have been waiting for?  Leave a comment if you think this is just what you have been waiting for in auto tech. For all your maintenance needs check out European auto repair in Las Vegas.

James Bond

James Bond and European Cars: A Match Made in Heaven

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While watching the newly released James Bond film, Skyfall, it’s hard not to think about the many European luxury cars featured in each 007 film. As a tribute to beautiful cars and great film-making, here’s a list of the best cars to have appeared alongside Bond on the silver screen. During the early Bond years, filmmakers used an array of different English sports and luxury cars. The first movie, Dr. No (1962), featured a light blue Sunbeam Alpine from 1961. A year later, when From Russia With Love was released, a Bentley Sports Tourer appeared at the beginning for just a few moments. In 1964, filmmakers used black Mercedes 194 coupes to pursue Bond during the chase scenes. Throughout the 70s, a wide range of cars were used. From the AMC Hornet Hatchback in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) to the Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved …

audi e tron

The Not-So-Silent Electric Car

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If you’ve ever ridden in an electric car, you know they’re pretty silent. Most people can’t even tell if the engine is running, which is a nice break from the regular engine noise from most cars. Audi, however, is manufacturing an engine roar for their electric cars so they can still be heard on the road. Rather than just using microphones around the engine, Audi’s e-Tron vehicles will create a motor roar through a series of different electronics in the car. To some, it sounds like a mix between futuristic science sounds. And rather than generating the sound to omit from under the hood, the engine roar will come from a sound speaker located underneath the car. Audi hopes to create a different sound for each of its electric vehicles.

4 Classic Car Remakes that are Better than the Originals

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If you are a guy who loves classic cars but wants modern amenities, there are five great remakes you should put on your short list. The Dodge Challenger is an icon of the 70s, a solid muscle car breathing smoke and fire. The update builds upon the legend of the car and brings it into the current century. If you’re a Ford guy, the Shelby GT500 mixes the heart and soul of the Mustang with technology and comforts from today. If you have a few more dollars to spend, the Ford GT is another great remake. The last Ford remake is the Thunderbird. While the look of the original was captured, the sales were not. For the Chevy fans there is another remake just for you. The Camaro has returned, and brings with it the look and feel of the late sixties muscle car. All five are worth your attention. …

Are you a member of the “Classic Car Club”?

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The Classic Car Club Manhattan has over 300 members who pay top dollar for access to 45 classic cars. The club originally started in London in 1995 and opened up a branch in Manhattan. Eventually the club would like to expand to India, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Los Angeles, Miami, and Singapore. Each member has equal access to the cars in the club. Members pay $8,000 for more than a month of membership, which entitles club members to drive any and all of the classic cars available. The club is more than just a high-end Hertz, offering special events and outings specifically for Classic Car Club affiliates. Cars in the club range include the: Porsche Cayman S, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLS AMG, 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder, 2006 BMW M5, 1967 Caterham/Lotus Super 7, 2006 BMW M6, and the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. For more information about classic cars in …

Custom Cars: The Best Custom VWs

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Designing and building a custom car is like choosing what toppings to put on your ice cream. There are a million different choices, and each one offers something unique and flavorful. With Volkswagens, the options for switching to custom body parts is endless. These are some of the best customized Volkswagens in the world: The Heb Rod Built a few years ago in Canada, this custom Beetle first debuted at the VW Classic in California. The front end of this car replicates early Ford models, and the perfectly finished product bridges the gap between VW and hot rods. The Karmann Ghia The Karmann Ghia became very popular very quickly in the early 1960s. In fact, VW doubled production of them to keep up with demand. Nowadays, Karmann Ghias are seen at classic car shows all over the U.S. and are still considered one of the best VWs to customize.

6 Cool Summer Convertibles Intended for High Speeds

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With summer coming to an end, the time to enjoy scorching days and warm nights are numbered. What better way to savor those last summer memories than by cruising around town with the top down? Here are 6 mesmerizing convertibles that provide the perfect driving experience to compliment the final days of summer. 1. BMW 335is This car is a beauty. With 320 horsepower and the ability to go from 0-60 in just over 5 seconds, this ride is perfect for cruising the open road on a late summer night. 2.  Audi A5 Cabriolet With an 8-speed transmission and 211 horsepower, the Audi A5 Cabriolet is a blast to drive. Possessing a 31 mpg highway fuel economy, this Audi is ready for long drives on the open road. 3. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible This classic design has helped VW manufacture over 21 million of these “bugs”. The convertible model is great …