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2012 volkswagen beetle

The New VW Beetle: Good Or Bad?

In 2010, VW announced that their beloved “Beetle” would be making a design shift. Edging away from the girly stigma that’s often attached to these cars, designers at VW attempted to make the car sleeker and and less round. The

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Five Most Expensive European Cars

Owning a European luxury car isn’t for the faint of heart. These babies will set a car lover back hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions, of dollars! Here are just five of some of the most expensive European cars

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audi e tron

The Not-So-Silent Electric Car

If you’ve ever ridden in an electric car, you know they’re pretty silent. Most people can’t even tell if the engine is running, which is a nice break from the regular engine noise from most cars. Audi, however, is manufacturing

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Custom Cars: The Best Custom VWs

Designing and building a custom car is like choosing what toppings to put on your ice cream. There are a million different choices, and each one offers something unique and flavorful. With Volkswagens, the options for switching to custom body

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Famous Cars From Films

5. The Dude’s Car in The Big Lebowski Finally, a car that fits the owner like a perfectly tailored jacket. The Dude and his 1973 Ford Gran Torino are a match made in heaven. By the end of The Big

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Should You Buy A Used Car?

When it’s time to buy a new vehicle, the first question a lot of consumers ask themselves is whether to buy a new or used automobile. With auto makers churning out and selling hundreds of new model cars and used

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