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1938 bmw

A Quick History of the BMW

Everybody knows BMWs come from Germany, but how much more do you know about the company? Here are some quick facts about this famous brand and its cars. BMW stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werks” or Bavarian Motor Works. The company was

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The popular Volkswagen

New Volkswagen to Debut in Early March

Volkswagen! From unfortunate origins as a Third Reich innovation to hippy wagon in a matter of a generation, these flower-wagons are nothing if not iconic. Few brands are as quirky and indelible. And now there’s a new bug coming in

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BMW logo

BMW To Introduce LTE Wi-Fi For Cars

Wi-Fi in cars isn’t a new trend. Audi and Ford, among other car companies, already offer internet “hot spots” in some of their newer model vehicles. Most recently, BMW has jumped on this connectivity bandwagon, but in a better and

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Volkswagen Logo

A Larger VW Polo DOES Exist!

Most VW enthusiasts have only known the Polo as the small Volkswagen. It’s considered the supermini car of the European market. Recently, however, a larger version of the Polo has been seen roaming the streets of Singapore… The CrossPolo, which

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audi logo

Glimpsing the Future: The 2017 Audi R20

Automobile Magazine compares the 2017 Audi R20 Supercar to the Bugatti Veyron and the not-yet released Porsche918 Spyder, saying that it will reinvigorate the Audi sportscar name. Keep in mind that these are reports – who knows what fun extras

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