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Audi Working Towards Solar-powered Methane Production

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Audi is using technology from SolarFuel, a German based company, in an effort to create a renewable source of methane. The process takes advantage of one of the biggest drawbacks to renewable energy – its lack of consistency. For example, energy generated from wind power is useful during the day, but that energy is wasted at night when nothing is on. SolarFuel’s approach harnesses this excess energy, and turns it into methane – an energy that can be stored and used at a later time.

Using solar and wind power, Audi’s new plant will create methane out of water and carbon dioxide. The company claims that it will produce enough natural gas to power 1,500 cars within the year. The plant brings Germany one step closer to meeting its ambitious goal of cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

Audi has slated their natural-gas vehicles to hit dealers later in 2013. For more information on Audi’s new lineup,contact Desert Oasis at (702) 255-4090.