Audi Timing Belt Service and Replacement

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Everyone needs to go to the doctor for a checkup  from time to time in order to ensure that your body is healthy and functioning at peak levels of performance. The same is true for your car. However, instead of sitting in a waiting room and getting nervous about a bad report, you simply drop your vehicle off at a repair center like Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair. The service is fast and affordable, and is the simplest thing that you can do for you vehicle to ensure that its life will be as long as possible.

When you drive a highly specialized automobile such as an Audi, you cannot trust even this most basic service to just any auto repair shop. An Audi is a high-performing machine that is carefully balanced, constructed, and engineered. Due to this fact, only technicians with extensive experience with these models should be conducting any type of repair or service. The friendly faces performing tune-ups at Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair have extensive hours logged servicing Audi vehicles of all makes and models, making them the premier shop to trust for a tune-up on your Audi vehicle.

There are critical and specific services that come with a tune-up for Audi. The process entails more than simply checking on fluid levels. One of the primary jobs that must be performed during a tune-up includes inspecting and when necessary changing the timing belt. Audi timing belt service is important due to the fact that this component plays a major role in allowing the pump to work in addition to other major parts of the engine system. When the timing belt is worn or breaks, it can cause serious damage that includes bent rods and other costly repairs. The timing belt on an Audi should be replaced every 60 to 80.000 miles and undergo regular inspection as well… unlike other vehicles that go for 100,000 plus miles.

The list of preventative maintenance for Audi drivers that comes with regular tune-ups are extensive, to include, but not limited to, replacements for fluids. Coolant levels in the engine must be maintained, especially in arid and hot regions such as Las Vegas. Failing to maintain proper levels of coolant can lead to your engine overheating, resulting in severe damage. Additionally, Audi drivers must be aware that specially-designed coolants must be used that have been designed according the specifications of the manufacturer. While the coolant should be regularly monitored, it must be replaced and the system flushed out every 50k to 150K miles.

The technicians performing your tune-up and engine service at Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair are knowledgeable, and fully experienced to perform maintenance related to transmission fluid, belts, oil, and power-steering fluid Just to mention a few of our premiere services.