porsche repair problems

6 Common Porsche Repair Problems You Need to Consider Today

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When you fork out money on a high-end luxury vehicle like a Porsche, no one tells you about the number one spending habit you’ll have for as long as you own it – Porsche Repair. All vehicle owners, from the person who has a twenty-year jalopy to the guy who takes care of his five-star Maserati, knows that the number one money sink they have to deal with repairs.

porsche repair problems

Common Porsche Repair Problems

Some of the more common repair problems Porsche vehicles encounter are:

1. Check Engine Light: The OBD system is present in many vehicles and is an excellent early-warning system to prevent running an engine that is experiencing a problem. Although the light is a scary thing to see lit up, it just means that the OBD sensor has detected a problem within the vehicle and you should probably stop driving for the time being until you figure out the problem and fix it. OBD systems usually throw error codes to make it easier to pinpoint where the problem is.

2. Engine Oil Level: Oil is a necessity in an internal combustion engine. It provides lubrication for the moving parts, without which they would completely stop functioning and very possibly ruin your car’s engine. Check the levels often to top up when necessary and change the oil every four to six months to ensure that the engine continues running at the top of its game.

Man Checking Cars Oil 3. Water Pump Leak: The water pump in any engine is used to pump water around the coolant system to prevent the overheating of the engine. If overheating does occur, it can lead to the head and block cracking, a replacement that can cost a lot for a Porsche. Ensure that your heat levels are negligible and if they become unmanageable, get the water pump checked out immediately.

4. Problematic Brakes: When you press the brake, you shouldn’t be hearing squeaking or squealing coming from the vehicle, and if you do, that probably means that the brakes need checking or replacing. If you hear the uncomfortable sound of metal rubbing on metal, take your Porsche to the dealer as soon as humanly possible to deal with it.

5. Clunks: Nothing is quite as unnerving as hearing your Porsche give off sounds like a thirty-year-old lemon. Clunks may be due to anything from cradle bushings to shocks, to engine mounts to ball joints, the list is exhaustive. Constant wear and tear on these items mean that when the clunks start, it’s time to start thinking about replacements.

6. Engine Air Filter: For a combustion engine to work, there needs to be fuel, spark, and air. A dirty air filter can hamper the airflow to the engine and can lead to sputtering and dying, or uneven idling. Consider replacing or cleaning the air filter on your Porsche regularly to prevent this from happening.


Porsche Repairs are a Necessity

None of these statements are meant to discourage you from enjoying your Porsche to the maximum. Quite the contrary, these tips are intended to help you KEEP enjoying your Porsche for the longest time possible. Preventative maintenance will cut down your cost in the long run, but being aware of the things that can go wrong with the vehicle prepares you for the cost of repairs and maintenance which can be quite heavy for a luxury vehicle such as a Porsche.