5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start.

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Often times, many car owners are completely bewildered when their beloved car suddenly fails to start. The reality is that there are quite a few things that could cause your vehicle to not crank. Here are the top 5 and most common reasons why your car will not start.


Dead Battery
Forgetting to turn off the interior or head lights is an easy way for the battery’s power supply to get drained in a few hours… certainly overnight.  If you are positive that no electrical components were left on, then you may indeed have a bad battery.  The fact is that all car batteries will need to be replaced at some point.  A healthy battery is essential for cranking your car.

Poor Electrical Connections & Corrosion
Many motorists unnecessarily replace their battery because their car fails to start.  For a vehicle to crank effectively, all of the electrical connections must fit snugly onto the battery connection.  Any loose connections could prevent the vehicle from starting.  Excessive corrosion around the terminals could also hinder the battery from being able to transfer power.

Lack of Spark
Although most spark plugs are designed to last for thousands of miles, they still have a required replacement interval.  Contaminated or fouled spark plugs are unable to ignite the fuel, which could be causing your no-start condition.  Like the spark plugs, the ignition wires also need to be periodically replaced.

Lack of Compression
Every engine requires a specific amount of compression to crank.  An engine that is tested to have weak or no compression may mean bad news.  Lack of compression could be the result of severely worn piston rings, a hole in one of the engine cylinders, or bent engine valves.  Your engine may require rebuilding or a complete replacement if the damage is severe.

Bad Fuel Pump
The ever important fuel pump is responsible for pumping a steady supply of fuel to a car’s engine.  Although fuel pumps usually fail in stages by getting weaker and weaker, they can also completely fail at once, without warning.  A key indicator of a bad fuel pump is the lack of a humming sound coming from the fuel pump when the ignition is turned on.

Once you’ve gone through your simple no-brainier checklist, and not resolved the issue, it may be time to call on a local professional.  The trained, ASE certified experts at Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair are here to assist you and getting you vehicle running like new again.  Word of caution… A simple diagnostic process becomes a lot more complex when working on an exotic or European vehicle.

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