Mechanic vs Technician

Today’s automobiles are ruled by on-board computers, electronic modules and at the very least sensors or relays. Each component of these vehicles are high-tech first and mechanical second, leaving the days of our “family mechanic” in the classic salvage yard. Continue reading

The Top 5 Most Common BMW Problems and Repairs

As consumers, it is imperative that we are careful about our purchases. This is especially true when we’re looking at products with larger ticket prices like luxury cars. Unfortunately, even as careful as we are, problems arise.   Are you … Continue reading

Time to Top Off Your Oil Level

Your car can run like a well-oiled machine We all know how important regular car maintenance is in extending the life of our cars. It’s not enough to just take care of the outside of the car. Your first instinct may be … Continue reading

Compare Auto Repair Shops

Las Vegas Auto Repair Shops Compared Choosing the best repair shop in Las Vegas can be difficult. How do you decide? Let’s examine Desert Oasis Auto Repair against Ted Wiens; two of better-known repair shops in Las Vegas. Company Introductions … Continue reading